Essential Records You’ll Need to Prove Claims for Increased Construction Costs

At , our entire purpose is to ensure that our clients in the construction industry can easily collaborate with one another. Part of this process is ensuring that the necessary records are kept to protect the project from a number of possibilities – including proving a claim for increased construction costs. Most companies know to […]

How Community Banks Should Maintain Control of Residential Construction Loans

How Community Banks Should Maintain Control of Residential Construction Loans

  With the high risk of construction loans, mitigating risk should of paramount importance for any bank. But for small banks, that may have the largest share, especially relative to their size; this could essentially mean their livelihood. Key Points and Takeaways Three key points for Construction Lenders to keep in mind: 1) Keep diversified […]

If You Use Your Daily Reports Correctly They Can Be More Helpful Than You Think

If You Use Your Daily Reports Correctly They Can Be More Helpful Than You Think

There are many reasons to complete and compile daily reports on your construction project, yet too often those involved don’t get what they could out of these reports. They’ll note a few aspects, like the date, what the weather was like, a general overview of the work done, and perhaps an overview of who and […]

Worried About Delay Claims? 6 Things You Can Do to Be Ready for Them

In the construction industry, contractors would give anything to be able to finish every project on time. Unfortunately, that’s not always a reality. When you get particularly behind on a job site, you could be facing dreaded delay claims. It’s common for contractors to wait until one has been filed to consult with their legal […]

Are Robotics the Answer to Construction Staffing Shortages?

Many jobsites around the country are experiencing a shortage in qualified construction workers. Many top companies predict that these shortages are just going to increase as demand goes up as well. What will a savvy construction company do about? At , we have some ideas on how you can help ensure you keep the best […]

A Fund Control Software That Can Help Provide Instant Loan Updates

Are you one of the many parties involved in a construction loan that wishes you had better access to the most up to date information on loans and budgets? Do you get tired of reading the latest report, only to be told that it’s outdated and that you need to wait for a more recent […]

What is a Construction Draw Inspection and Why is it Important?

Anyone who’s involved in a construction loan – no matter what side of the table they’re on – is going to have to follow some pretty specific processes. This is even more true when a risk mitigation company is involved. If the project in question is large, then there may be more steps, evaluations, and […]

What Can You Expect from ECL Software?

If you’re considering turning to then you’re likely wondering what we’re all about. Our specialty is providing practical solutions that are scalable for your business. We meet the needs of both construction lenders and contractors, and we work to exceed every objective across your many critical business areas. We’re confident that we have created the […]

How Do You Want Your Fund Control Software to Work?

If you’re considering investing in fund control software then you likely have expectations of what you want that software to do. The good thing about working with is that we have solutions to meet every need. In fact, if you can’t find what you need from us off the shelf, we can provide custom software […]

Is Your Fund Control Software as Good as it Could Be?

As a construction company, it’s a given that you need fun control software. But is your software doing what it could be doing for you? Are you still using software that isn’t specific to the construction industry? Are you using fund control software that isn’t integrated? Can you collaborate with your software? The future is […]

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