A Fund Control Software That Can Help Provide Instant Loan Updates

A Fund Control Software That Can Help Provide Instant Loan UpdatesAre you one of the many parties involved in a construction loan that wishes you had better access to the most up to date information on loans and budgets? Do you get tired of reading the latest report, only to be told that it’s outdated and that you need to wait for a more recent one? Are you tired of checking the date on page after page to figure out what’s relevant to what you need?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you absolutely have a need for fund control software from ECL Software. Read on to learn some of the ways it can help you and then reach out to us online or by calling 800-625-5972.

Know everything about a loan – instantly

When you utilize this software, you can now everything you need to know about a loan instantly. For example, you can see where it’s at, when it’s funding, who’s involved, and its financial position. This isn’t something that’s updated once a week or even daily. It’s easy for all players involved to update their portion instantly – which means the information you get is 100% up to date at all times.

Maintain all the documents you need

The days of paper files are over – thank goodness – but it can be a challenge to work digitally when there are many people involved, most of whom aren’t at the same office – or even with the same company. This construction management software is the perfect solution. Vouchers can be created and maintained, legal notices can be included, and notification letters can go out easily. Once again, whoever needs access to each part will get it.

Track everything involved in the loan process

Of course, there are a few different software solutions that may help with some of the big things, but what about the supposedly small things? For example, what about sub-notes? What about the budgets for those sub-notes? You don’t just need access to inspections, you need access to every detail of it as well as the pictures. The software from ECL Software makes it possible for you to access this and more.

Budgeting made easy

Of course, creating and maintaining budgets is an essential part of any construction product. The software available from ECL Software makes it simple to create an original budget and to track any and all changes to that budget. You can also create budgets from a template, but you can even create one from a spreadsheet. Of course, for specialized needs, a budget can be created via manual entry.

Users are also able to easily add special budget line items. For example, do you need special reporting options? Do you have unique categories you need to add? What about interest reserves? It’s rare to find a software that’s both incredibly user friendly and highly customizable. This is the software that will meet these needs and more. Check out our products online or give us a call at 800-625-5972 for more information.