Mark Kerr

Senior Programmer

Born and raised in Orange County, California, Mark was the first of 5 children to his carpenter father and nurse mother. He enjoyed working with his dad during summer vacation, but resolved early in life to not follow him into the building trades. He found himself with a career in the printing industry, in the days before computers. Fortune smiled and Mark was working in the early days of computerized graphic arts, seeing the future they represented and getting an early start, as computers revolutionized the industry.
Flash forward 22 years, and Mark was asked to do a simple database to track plate orders and after the project became a full time job, realized that database development was where he wanted to grow. 
Mark had worked with ECL in the early 2000’s and when an opertunity came up again 2020 Mark joined the ECL team again. His prior experience brought him quickly up to speed as a valued addition to the team. His development experience by that time included solutions for commercial printing, law offices, food service, real estate and a number of specialty service and manufacturing companies. With 23 years of Filemaker development experience under his belt, including web integrations and mobile apps, Mark now specializes in the CMIS product working primarily in API integrations.