The Future of Collaboration: Predictions for the Construction Industry in 2017

The Future of Collaboration: Predictions for the Construction Industry in 2017Construction companies across the country are booming, and often the biggest obstacle they face is not being able to find enough qualified labor to hire. At ECL Software, we know that the future of construction is not static. It is ever-changing and the construction companies who want to stay at the top of the game need to be ever-changing as well. That’s why we’re looking forward and wondering: What are we going to see in 2017?

The construction industry has unique growth issues

The construction industry must always keep an eye on technology. There are machines and tools out there that can make our jobs much faster and easier, yet it also takes time to train employees and pay off investments into new technologies.

While it’s true that the higher ups in this industry need to be looking to the future and embracing change, it’s also true that it doesn’t pay to leave the past behind. There are tried and true methods of designing and constructing homes, offices, and other buildings. The best construction companies find a way to balance looking forward and respecting the craftsmanship that’s apparent in the methods of yesteryear.

There is one concept that applies to every single construction company

No matter where your company is starting from and where they plan to go, we are willing to bet that you have one thing in common with every other construction company since the beginning of time. That may sound like a big claim, but all we’re saying is that you want to just do it once. A minute of planning, a moment of stepping back and reassessing, can save thousands of dollars and hours of manpower.

Technology can help us just do it once

If we all have a singular goal – just doing it once – then how can we meet that goal? One of the biggest factors is ensuring everyone is on the same page. As construction companies begin to specialize and bring in experts for various levels of assistance with projects, the possibility of one team preparing for one option and another team thinking they’re going another way are fairly high.

The answer is collaboration

The answer to these problems is true collaboration. That doesn’t just mean talking to each other before you make a move. It doesn’t mean getting the big boss to sign off on things. It doesn’t mean one person from each team sitting down and discussing the options once a week.

It means literally using the same technology. It means everyone on the project having access to all aspects of the project. It’s everyone being able to see the big picture while they work on their part of it. It’s ECL Software. We have a long, strong background in construction and we know that you need in a software product. Call us today at ECL Software to find out what the future has in store for your company.