JoeJoe Patterson

Chief Software Architect
President and CEO

Joseph Patterson, co-founder, CEO, and Chief Software Architect of Eclectus, Inc. (ECL Software), brings 30 years of designing, building, and banking experience to the software industry. Mr. Patterson started his first company in 1979 designing residential remodels while going to college for his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management. Although his degree was from the School of Engineering at CSULB, he specialized in Architecture, Construction Law and Specification writing. Shortly after graduation Mr. Patterson obtained his Contractors State License as a General Building Contractor and later received Asbestos certification.

From 1985 through 1988, as a Construction Manager with the American Real Estate Group (AREG), Mr. Patterson supervised over $160 million of commercial and residential construction work. AREG, a subsidiary of American Savings and Loan was specifically formed to liquidate all the non-performing real estate assets of American Savings. Mr. Patterson was part of the team of experts that helped to liquidate over $3 billion of non-performing real estate assets at their highest and best use.

After leaving AREG, Mr. Patterson joined BCI General Contractors as the Tenant Improvement Group Manager for their Los Angeles and later their Northern California operations. Then in 1990 moved on to be Vice President of Commercial operations with P&L Construction and later President of his own Commercial Construction Company.

Mr. Patterson got involved with computer software design back in the early 1980’s when he developed a program to calculate roof rafter lengths as well as other roof system components. He was also on the committee at AREG for the development of their enterprise software solution and implementation; and while with BCI General Contractors developed a system that automated the production and approval of hundreds of Change Orders daily.

Mr. Patterson’s obsession with not ever having to do a task more than once led him to start ECL Software in 1994. ECL quickly got recognized as the “Just Do It Once” software company and their initial product CMIS (Construction Management Information System) has streamed lined construction companies throughout the United States. In 1997 Mr. Patterson combined his extensive construction knowledge and banking knowledge of problem construction loans and created ECL Software’s second product, Fund Control, a solution for banks to manage their CRE portfolio and minimize the associated risks of CRE exposure.

On a personal note, Mr. Patterson enjoys and is very proud of his three adult children who have  studied in the fields of Solar Energy, Architecture, Project Management, Business, and Film; and donates much of his time to organizations that benefit at-risk teenagers and his church. Mr. Patterson currently lives in Redondo Beach, CA.

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