We Are Here to Help You Prevent These Three Common Construction Lending Risks

No construction lender intentionally takes on needless risk, yet risk is accepted all too often. We work with numerous clients at , both those who have had great success and others who have faced adversity. Today, we’ll go over three of the most important things a construction lending firm can learn to reduce risk. Failure […]

Are You Getting the Big Benefits You Could Be from These Fund Control Benefits?

If you work in the construction industry, you understand the need of being as efficient as possible. Many concerns may occur in the past, and it was frequently difficult to keep everyone informed. Thanks to advancements such as fund control software, there are now answers. Continue reading to discover more about how its features may […]

Construction Scheduling Conflicts You Can Easily Avoid

Construction businesses face a variety of challenges. Not only must you plan jobs, but you must also schedule a diverse group of contractors and subcontractors to work on each project. We’ve developed industry-leading construction software systems at to assist construction organizations like yours avoid some of the most typical scheduling blunders. Continue reading to discover […]

Get the Quality Data You Need Instantly – Without Siloing

It used to be very typical for each department or division of a company to have its own software and/or records. This information siloing was a necessary evil in the days before the internet, but there is no excuse for it now. Keeping data in silos delays operations because stakeholders must manually search different systems […]

The Happiness of Construction Workers Can Have a Significant Impact on the Bottom Line of a Construction Lender

Employee happiness has a significant influence on a company’s performance. And, in certain situations, there is a case to be made that the pleasure of employees in one field helps sustain firms in another. Could you say the same thing about FHA mortgage lenders and construction workers? Yes, we believe so. Employees in the construction […]

You Could Be Missing the Most Important Construction Tool without Even Knowing It

The construction business has always been a fragmented one. Project managers, engineers, architects, suppliers, and everyone else in a complicated supply chain strive to follow executives. Every project site, however, is unique, and each subcontractor operates in a unique manner. As a result, it’s traditionally been virtually hard to keep track of everyone who requires […]

Three Reasons We Recommend Community Banks Maintain Control of Their Residential Construction Loans

Due to the significant risk associated with construction loans, risk mitigation should be a top priority for any financial institution. However, for small banks, who may hold the lion’s share of the market especially when compared to their size, this may effectively imply their survival. Keep reading to learn three reasons recommends that community banks […]

Are You Staying Compliant with Construction Paperwork Regulations? Get the Facts Today

Unless your construction firm has limitless storage space, you’ve probably thought about how long you need to store various sorts of documents. We can assist you with a variety of construction-related duties, including money control and loan papers, at . Today, we’ll go over some of the specifics, as well as detailed, easy-to-follow guidelines for […]

Paper and Pencil Record Keeping is Negatively Impacting the Construction Industry in Surprising Ways

According to a recent poll, about half of all construction managers in the United States obtain their crucial worksite data manually. About 33% claim they keep track of their data with paper and pen. These are just a few of the results of a recent study of over 500 managers and executives in the engineering […]

How Sure Are You That You Are Meeting the Regulatory Requirements for Loans and Borrowers?

It might be difficult to meet the regulatory requirements of specialized lenders. There are several elements to consider, numerous criteria to satisfy, and ongoing changes. The good news is that today’s technology and software solutions enable you to do business in a smooth manner while satisfying these criteria. Continue reading to learn more about how […]

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