Good Bye Mr. Jobs

I’m very embarrassed to say this, but yes I did shed some tears for Steve Jobs. Here I am 51 and crying. I had to really think about what his passing has meant to me (dying at such a young age, great visions not to be realized, inspirational product launches, no more). A friend of […]

My Capitalistic View on Green

When did “Green = Socialism” First, I should say that I am writing this because there’s just not enough space in the comment’s area of FaceBook to express all my thoughts. And second, I want to thank my good friend Steve H. for inspiring me (OK enraging me) to speak my mind. What got this […]

Finding the Right Solution for a Problem CRE Loan

Introduction The past three articles about Commercial Real Estate (CRE) problems have covered, a) methods and internal organizations to manage problem CRE loans; b) early risk identifiers and trends with CRE, and c) understanding your Borrower, the market and the collateral of problem CRE’s.  This fourth article pulls all this information together to determine and […]

Early Risk Identifiers and Adverse Trends with CRE Loans

Introduction There is no doubt that Commercial Real Estate is getting hit hard in this recession.  High unemployment rate, reduced long-term consumer confidence, and declining GDP are just a few adverse trends that effect CRE.   The purpose of this article is to help identify portfolio risks as well as risks with a specific loans.  […]

Organizing For Problem CRE Loans

Introduction When dealing with problem CRE loans, at some point the realization that things need to change in managing these issues will come apparent.  Whether that is the shear number of problems, the complexity of the problems, or the dollar volumes involved.  The need to organize to deal with them has become painfully evident. There […]

Life is Short, do all that you can

So this is the start of something big… you may want to set down for this.  So here are some thoughts that I live by or try to.  There short and sweet: Live, love, enjoy… try this, it will do wonders! Keep the things most important to you first. Be proactive. Always work towards win-win […]