Good Bye Mr. Jobs

I’m very embarrassed to say this, but yes I did shed some tears for Steve Jobs. Here I am 51 and crying. I had to really think about what his passing has meant to me (dying at such a young age, great visions not to be realized, inspirational product launches, no more). A friend of mine, Van Evens, told me how he felt a loss and remembered how we had worked with Apple and Apple people for decades. Then it hit me… Steve Jobs had shaped my life in so many ways, he gave me tools to Think Differently with.

From the late 70’s to the early 90’s Apple products made my companies more profitable; and today my software company is based on Apple products.

In the beginning, I only looked at computers as tools to get a job done faster and better. The first programing I did was on a TI 59 Programable calculator. It was a “tool” to help me measure and cut roof rafters faster and with more accuracy (Yes I was the only carpenter in the field with a “computer” in his pouch). Then came the Apple II, a “tool” I used to manage specifications and door & window schedules for my design company. Then in 1984, my friend John Barnhart showed me his Apple Macintosh. I was hooked and within a week I had one. Now, not only could I manage words and numbers, but graphics as well. I, of course, started building a library of detail drawings. Later with a database program I was able to do my client billings, track my employee’s times, and manage my business better with this “tool” than my competition.

My Mac was so important to me I would take it everywhere. In the mid to late 80’s, my Mac, in it’s khaki soft case, would fly, drive, or train with me throughout the United States. I was making everything from detailed construction cost estimates to drawing building plans on this magical box. It simply allowed me to do better.

I now realize that a lot of my successes have been because of things that Steve Jobs did. My designing of software has given me a since of spiritual understanding, that I may not have realized without some of these influences and successes of Steve Jobs.

So today, I truly thank God for allowing Mr. Jobs to touch our lives for the time that he did. Allowing him to give the “tools” to the millions of people, who in turn, will do millions of great things themselves. May God bless you, have mercy, and may you rest in peace Mr. Jobs.