Groundbreaking Construction Software as a Service – Construction Management Information System (CMIS)

Managing all of the ongoing tasks for your construction company is a challenge. So that all parties are aware of what is going on, several pieces of information must be recorded throughout the day. Our Construction Management Information Software (CMIS) gives you the tool to easily track these pieces of information in one practical spot, […]

The Embracement of Intuitive Software Throughout the Construction Industry

Every construction site aims to attain predictability and consistency. Any contractor wants to ensure that everything runs without a snag, that all employees are carrying out their assigned duties, that material orders are precise and delivered on time, and that project is being finished on schedule and on budget. If one of those factors loses efficiency, […]

Construction Logs Made Easy – Learn How CMIS Construction Software Does It

On the job site, things happen quickly, so it’s critical to keep track of everything accurately. But since the information is typically shared and written with differing apps and methodologies, that frequently doesn’t happen. For example, information may be recorded in a word document, a Google Doc, an email, a text message, or occasionally even […]