Construction Logs Made Easy – Learn How CMIS Construction Software Does It

Construction Logs Made Easy – Learn How CMIS Construction Software Does It

On the job site, things happen quickly, so it’s critical to keep track of everything accurately. But since the information is typically shared and written with differing apps and methodologies, that frequently doesn’t happen. For example, information may be recorded in a word document, a Google Doc, an email, a text message, or occasionally even spoken over the phone…but not through the same system. Because there are more pressing issues to attend to than remembering where to log things, it becomes a hassle.

That hassle is eliminated with the ground-breaking CMIS (Construction Management Information System) from ECL Software. We will install our simple-to-use software on all the devices you require, enabling the on-the-spot upload of any construction log that needs to be documented. It is also economical because it is entirely paperless.

Find out how useful our construction management information system can be to you by calling ECL Software at 800-625-5972. You can also test out a free demo to see how it works. Streamline your information system with our Just Do It Once mentality. Discover more below about how CMIS may enhance your construction logs.

Construction Logs Simplified

On a job site, there are many different forms of information that must be tracked, which can be intimidating. Give your team a software system that makes easy work of logging in order to empower them. The many log formats are listed below, all in one convenient location:

  1. Submittals
  2. RFI’s (Request for information)
  3. Change Order Requests
  4. Meeting Minutes
  5. Punch Lists
  6. General Letters

Other features that CMIS offers

Only a small part of the CMIS package is construction logging. Additionally, you can manage all of your contacts, maintain tabs on every part of a project, produce estimates, manage finances using MAA (management, administrative, and accounting), and handle payroll. Each of these features can have a unique setup that suits your needs the best.

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The construction management information system from ECL Software will streamline your business and simplify work for your staff. To learn how we can assist, call 800-625-5972 right away. Try a free demo of our construction software and experience it firsthand.