White House Projects Increased Economic Growth in 2014 & 2015

Administration’s optimism could be good news for builders and banks It’s been almost five years since the recession ended, and the economy hasn’t been growing as fast as many would like. However, the White House has recently released a new economic forecast that projects faster economic growth for 2014 & 2015. This forecast, which is […]

America’s Most Affordable Cities Offer Opportunities for Lenders

Banks have been returning to construction lending as the housing market improves According to analysts such as Todd L. Hagerman of Stern Agee, banks are once again seeing steady growth in the demand for construction & development loans. Average market cap in the homebuilding sector alone has risen about 140 percent since 2012. Hagerman expects […]

Is Your Business Prepared to Deal with Workplace Bullying Complaints?

Our HR consulting services can help you promote a productive, bully-free environment Workplace bullying is expected to be the hottest HR topic of 2014, as increased media attention spreads awareness of the negative impact that workplace bullying can have on an employee’s health and a company’s bottom line. Some groups are even pushing for new […]

Olympics Construction Fails Showcase Importance of CMIS

A robust Construction Management Information System helps keep big projects on track The 2014 Winter Olympics got off to a rough start, with hordes of reporters arriving in Sochi only to discover that all was not ready for their arrival. Images and tweets soon flooded the internet and the hashtags #SochiFail and #SochiProblems were born. […]