Construction Software That Can Help You Save Money When Net Profits are Slim

It’s important to analyze trends in the construction industry at the beginning of the year. Although 2023 is looking very promising with a rising workload, some areas can be viewed as troublesome. Rising material prices, a declining workforce, and increased pressure on bottom lines are all affecting the construction industry. So, what do you do? […]

Management, Administrative, & Accounting – The Unsung Heroes of the Construction Industry

The are so many moving pieces that go into completing a construction project successfully. Not just from the actual construction worker too. From the management, administration, and accounting side of the construction industry, the stakes are just as high for them as they are for the workers. If there are any clerical errors at their […]

The Age of the Rolodex is Done – Store Your Contacts Digitally

In the construction industry, you need to remember a lot of names and companies associated with those names. From suppliers to contractors, to subcontractors to material handlers, there is typically a good number of workers circulating throughout the job site. Has this ever happened to you? You take down a contractor’s personal information but either […]