Life is Short, do all that you can

So this is the start of something big… you may want to set down for this.  So here are some thoughts that I live by or try to.  There short and sweet:

Live, love, enjoy… try this, it will do wonders!

Keep the things most important to you first.

Be proactive.

Always work towards win-win negotiations.

You must understand before you will ever be understood.

Keep learning, that is what exercises the mind.

Family and friends, there’s not much more important than that.

Eat well, drink plentifully, and keep dancing.

Enjoy the moment, the past and future will always be around.

Stand on top of your desk at work at least once a year!

Wear a bright colored shirt on a cloudy day.

Try skipping to your car, wherever you might be at.

Say hello to a stranger.

Compliment someone you don’t know, and everyone that you do know.