5 Ways Your Construction Business Can Be Improved by Construction Software

As the construction industry continues to evolve and become more complex, successful project management relies heavily on effective team collaboration. With the help of construction software, the collaboration between teams becomes more seamless, efficient, and productive. Here at ECL Software, our combined experience in the construction industry has led us to develop the intuitive software […]

4 Areas Construction Software Can Streamline on the Job Site

Construction projects can often be complex, requiring the coordination of multiple tasks and personnel. With the advancements in technology, traditional methods of project management have become outdated, and the use of construction software has become the norm. Construction software can improve project management in various ways, from automating administrative tasks to facilitating collaboration between teams. […]

Cloud-Based Construction Software is the Future of the Industry

As technology continues to advance, more and more industries are turning to cloud-based solutions to streamline their business processes. The construction industry is not exempt from this rise in technology as well. It is benefiting greatly from the adoption of cloud-based construction software. Here at ECL Software, our Construction Management Information System (CMIS) has been […]

Advancing the Management of Construction Projects – How We Can Help

Balancing so many projects is a good problem to have, it means your construction business is flourishing! But, it can definitely be overwhelming and potentially cause problems that wouldn’t normally have happened. From accidentally confusing estimating numbers to forgetting what needs to be sent to where. Having too many construction projects without efficient tracker software […]

3 Ways Your Construction Workers Can Feel Supported

If you have worked in the construction industry, then you know how important it is to feel supported. Worker mentality and efficiency on the job site can drop when support feels either low, wavering, or non-existent. This is why it is critical to know the proper methodology to keep your workers feeling supported. With our […]

Frustrated by Tedious Construction Estimating? Learn How Construction Software Will Help

The pressure is on when it comes to creating an accurate estimation of your construction project. Ensuring that the information provided is correct, easily tracked, and managed guarantees that the project resources are properly allocated. It is not only important to the budget but to the workers as well, so they have everything they’ll need. […]

Construction Software That Can Help You Save Money When Net Profits are Slim

It’s important to analyze trends in the construction industry at the beginning of the year. Although 2023 is looking very promising with a rising workload, some areas can be viewed as troublesome. Rising material prices, a declining workforce, and increased pressure on bottom lines are all affecting the construction industry. So, what do you do? […]

Management, Administrative, & Accounting – The Unsung Heroes of the Construction Industry

The are so many moving pieces that go into completing a construction project successfully. Not just from the actual construction worker too. From the management, administration, and accounting side of the construction industry, the stakes are just as high for them as they are for the workers. If there are any clerical errors at their […]

The Age of the Rolodex is Done – Store Your Contacts Digitally

In the construction industry, you need to remember a lot of names and companies associated with those names. From suppliers to contractors, to subcontractors to material handlers, there is typically a good number of workers circulating throughout the job site. Has this ever happened to you? You take down a contractor’s personal information but either […]

Groundbreaking Construction Software as a Service – Construction Management Information System (CMIS)

Managing all of the ongoing tasks for your construction company is a challenge. So that all parties are aware of what is going on, several pieces of information must be recorded throughout the day. Our Construction Management Information Software (CMIS) gives you the tool to easily track these pieces of information in one practical spot, […]

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