Want to Make Your Construction Company More Efficient? Learn How with ECL Software

The construction industry is booming as infrastructure and private property projects are in high demand. It is imperative that you have the tools to make the job site as efficient as possible. Screwups can put the schedule way behind and ultimately cost your business precious time and money. Construction software is an easy tool to […]

Management – Construction Software That is Designed to Improve Efficiency

Without proper management at your construction company, projects may take much longer than anticipated to complete. Mistakes can put your job site behind on time and resources which is why it is imperative to have the tools to make sure everything is running smoothly. Management, administration, and accounting are as much a part of the […]

Easily Handle All Things Payroll Related at Your Construction Company

Construction companies are required to have seamless payroll to ensure the wheels keep on turning. Financials need to be tracked and employees need to be paid accurately and on time. Here at ECL Software, we’ve bundled payroll into our Construction Management Information System (CMIS) package. CMIS is an easy-to-use software that has numerous tools to […]

5 Critical Ways to Support Your Construction Staff and Create a Positive Environment

It is no secret that progress on a job site moves a little more fluidly and efficiently when the workers are in good spirits. Encouragement and positive reinforcement bond the workers to create comradery between the group. As a result, the team feels respected and more inclined to get tasks done in a safe and […]

Stop Juggling All of Your Construction Projects – Intuitive Software to Help You Track Them

If your construction business is struggling to keep track of all of your different projects happening, we can help. There are numerous bits of information that need to be logged so everyone stays up to date on what is happening. From bidding to shipments, Our Construction Management Information Software (CMIS) gives you the tool to […]

Construction Logs Simplified – Learn How Construction Software Can Help

With how fast everything moves on the job site, it is critical to keep track of everything that happens. This often proves to be challenging because there are so many moving pieces of the communication process. This information can be logged in a word document, excel sheet, email, text, or sometimes even communicated verbally over […]

4 Key Techniques to Inspire Efficiency at Your Construction Site

The most helpful tool at any construction site is communication. When multiple project planners, employees, contractors, inspectors, subcontractors, delivery personnel, and more are all walking and working around the job site, you need communication to effectively coordinate the numerous things happening. How effectively a company communicates is directly correlated to how efficient it is. Our […]

Learn How You Can Easily Store All of Your Construction Contacts in One Place

There are numerous people, companies, departments, contractors, you name it in the world of construction. You need a system that easily keeps track of contacts so you know exactly where to look to find them. Digging through notes to find a contact is the way of the past. Bring your construction company to the future. […]

How Intuitive Construction Software Can Increase Your Profits

Productivity issues wastes valuable time and resources that can put your construction project behind schedule and over-budget. It is projected that nearly 30 trillion dollars in construction will be spent by the beginning of 2030. If productivity on the jobsite ran smoothly and a bit more up to speed, McKinley Global Institute estimates that the […]

Cost Estimating Done Right – Construction Software That Makes It a Breeze

Both before and during a construction project, you need your estimator to be as close as possible to calculating the budget and resources needed. This ensures that the business can properly allocate the funds that will be necessary so more money isn’t needed than anticipated. An excess of wasted time and money on a jobsite […]

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