4 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Software Improves Operations at Your Construction Company

Predictability is what every construction site strives to achieve. Making sure everything operates smoothly without a hitch, all the workers are doing their assigned task, material orders are accurate and on time, and the work is being completed on schedule are all things any contractor dreams of. Rightly so. If any one of those things […]

Discover How Your Construction Company Can Be Saving on Payroll

Payroll is a crucial department for any business. Financials need to be tracked and employees need to be paid accurately on time. Here at ECL Software, we’ve bundled payroll into our Construction Management Information System (CMIS) package. CMIS is an easy-to-use software that has numerous tools to keep your construction company running smoothly all conveniently […]

Manage All of Your Construction Projects With CMIS

If your construction business is struggling to keep track of all of your different projects happening, we can help. There are numerous bits of information that needs to be logged so everyone stays up to date on what is happening. From bidding to shipments, Our Construction Management Information Software (CMIS) gives you the tool to […]

Why is the Construction Industry Becoming More Reliant on Technology, and How Can it Benefit You?

In the wake of Covid-19, many companies were forced to turn to technology for remote work. The construction industry wasn’t immune and quickly began to turn hybrid. Construction companies were struggling as shipments were not reliable as supply chain distributors experienced delays. Rules and regulations kept on changing, leaving many companies to play catch-up on […]

Is Construction Estimating Dragging You Down? We’ve Got the Tools to Help

Whether you’re estimating the cost of a new project or trying to calculate how much material you need to order, it is important to keep track of that information. An organized jobsite is a successful jobsite. Having important information readily available at the moment’s notice will not only keep your employees happy, but your client […]

Keep Track of All Your Construction Logs in One Convenient Spot

Things move fast on the job site, and it is important to keep track of everything that happens. That often doesn’t occur though because information is shared and written on varying applications/methods. It can be logged in a word document, excel sheet, email, text, or sometimes even communicated verbally over the phone. It becomes an […]

How to Keep All Your Construction Contacts Organized with ECL Software’s CMIS

In the world of construction, there are numerous people, companies, and departments that you must keep in contact with. Whether that’s leads, clients, suppliers, subcontractors, or government employees, you need a system that keeps track of their contacts. Otherwise, it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to dig through notes trying to find information you […]

Four Assets to Insist on When Hiring a Construction Manager

With much of the construction industry on the rise, the demand for skilled construction managers is skyrocketing. This, according to one study, will only get worse. They discovered that the need for construction managers will expand by 16 percent between now and 2026, which is significantly faster than the national average. Construction project managers are […]

Four Inspiring Examples of Innovation in the Construction Industry

We are continually up to speed on the newest building technologies at . While there are many that are interesting, many of them are only helpful in very narrow situations. We’re more interested in ideas with a larger appeal and the potential to impact the future of building. Continue reading to find more about our […]

Your Biggest Competition in the Construction Industry is Likely Not Who You Think It Is

It’s foolish to focus just on what’s going on in the United States when considering the building sector as a whole. We looked at some figures from Finland to get a better picture of how we’re doing as a country in the global market, and we discovered something surprising: our biggest competitor is innovation. Read […]

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