Is Now the Time for Lenders to Focus on Purchase-Centric Lending Policies?

There is no question that there are changes happening in the world of construction. Many of these changes are for the better, but companies need to find a way to grab ahold of the change – not fight it. At , we offer unique solutions to construction collaboration issues and can help with fund control […]

Material Costs Continue to Rise – Learn the Latest Strategies Lenders Can Use to Protect Themselves

As demand for new construction rises, material costs are rising too. As a lender, you want to be protected from the impact of this – but how? Keep reading to learn some of the strategies that could save you big in the long run. If you want unique construction collaboration strategies, contact at , and […]

Three Construction Scheduling Lessons We’ve Learned from COVID-19

If there’s one thing we can learn from COVID-19, it is how to improve construction development scheduling. At , we offer innovative construction collaboration software that helps numerous parties stay in tune with their scheduling and much more. Keep reading to learn more or contact us at for your free demo. Make Sure Your Progress […]

Is the Construction of Commercial Real Estate on the Decline for Good?

COVID-19 has affected just about every industry in some way or another. One way it has affected the commercial real estate industry is in the lack of new properties being built. This is in large part due to the fact that companies are finding ways for their workers to work remotely, and they are unsure […]

Improving Construction Management Might Be Easier Than You Think

No matter what your job is, it goes without saying that project management for virtually any project could use at least some minor degree of improvement. Assessing what could be improved only makes you a better manager over time. Given that, these are the best ways to improve construction project management. Optimize Accounting Your project […]

Discover How ECL Software Can Help Improve Your Risk Mitigation Stats

Fund Control is a unique risk mitigation software from . In fact, it has won awards due to the many helpful features it has. There are many benefits to this software and many ways it can work for you. It’s currently being used by mortgage companies, disbursement control companies, lenders, and banks. Call us now […]

Adopting the Latest Technology Can Advance Your Company in These and Other Ways

Lenders deal with so many regulations and rules that they are often understandably shy to embrace new technologies. They do not want to increase risk and as a result, their workflow is often unnecessarily slow or disorganized. At , we have found the best way to help lenders advance their technology while also mitigating risk. […]

Five Must-Consider Elements for Any and All Commercial Property Developers in 2021

If you are a commercial property developer or work within this industry, there are a few things you should know about how to continue doing business successfully in 2021. Read on to get five must-consider elements on how you might advance your company, then contact at to learn about fund control software that could make […]

2021 is the Year to Commit to Digital Administration for All Construction Loans

If your construction loan company has not yet embraced digital administration, then at , we suggest that you let 2021 be the year to do it. Continue reading to find out why this is important and how can help you. Feel free to contact us at or with any questions or to request a free […]

Get the Facts About Construction Fund Control Software Created by ECL Software

Does managing construction loan times? Is it labor intensive? Of course – but it does not have to be as labor-intensive as it has been in the past. At , we have created a unique construction fund control software designed to boost your productivity, lower your risks, and increase efficiency. Keep reading to learn why […]

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