The 10 Most Common Construction Scheduling Mistakes

Construction companies have unique situations to consider. You need to not only schedule jobs out but schedule a wide range of contractors and subcontractors working on each project. At , we’ve come up with industry-leading construction software products to help construction companies like yours avoid some of the most common scheduling mistakes. Read on to […]

Your Real Competition in the Construction World is Innovation

When looking at the construction industry as a whole, it’s shortsighted to think only of what’s happening in the United States. For a better idea of how we’re performing as a country within the world market, we’ve looked at some stats from Finland and found something surprising: Our biggest competition is innovation. Finland’s construction industry […]

Do You Need Another Reason to Ensure You’re Licensed? Learn How You Could Waive Your Right to Payment

It may seem like a given to be a licensed contractor before doing work, but the truth is that some companies believe that they can get by with letting their license lap. We know that our clients keep their legal status on the up and up – which is why they want the highest-quality construction […]

4 Factors to Consider When You Want to Avoid Construction Delays

No construction company wants to have construction delays yet at we find that many clients assume that they’re just par for the course. We offer some unique construction software products that can help improve communication and ensure that everyone you’re working with is on the same page. We’ve also compiled the four most important factors […]

3 Key Ways the Construction Industry Has Changed for the Worse in the Last Decade

Anyone who’s been involved in construction for more than a decade would likely agree that the industry has changed significantly. However, when you want to pin down how it’s changed – and why – it becomes more difficult. At , we take the best of the past and the innovations of the future to create […]

CREF Multifamily Housing Convention

ECL is participating in the annual MBA’s CREF Multifamily Housing Convention from Feb 11, to Feb 14th held in Marriott Marquis, San Diego, booth # 113. We are also doing a demo of our Fund Control solution on Tuesday February 13th at 12:45 pm For more info visit:

Industry News: Three Out of Four Contractors Plan to Add to Their Payroll in 2018

The Associated General Contractors of America, coupled with Sage Construction and Real Estate, have gotten together to survey a number of construction firms about their plans and worries for 2018. Some of the results are expected but there’s also some truly surprising information in the mix. Read on for the highlights. Optimistic economic conditions and […]

Construction, the Cloud, and Mobile Data: Learn What One Survey Taught Us

As a new year begins there’s much discussion about where the construction industry is heading. At , we are looking at all the data, predictions, and resources to ensure we’re providing our clients with the best possible products. One trend that’s continuing to gain traction and prove itself to be more than a fad is […]

Are You Hiring a Construction Manager? Make Sure They Have These 4 Assets

With upswings in much of the construction world, we’re seeing the demand for skilled construction managers go through the roof. According to one study, this is only going to continue. They found that the need for construction managers is going to increase by 16% between now and 2022 – that’s well above the average rate […]

6 Commercial Construction Trends We Expect to See in 2018

Those in the commercial construction field are cautiously optimistic about growth in 2018. At , we’re excited to see how things work out. We’ve looked at some of the top advisors to see what they say the 2018 commercial construction trends will be. Read on to learn more and then check out some unique construction […]

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