5 Ways to Move Your Construction Company from Stagnant Sales to Growth

There is no question that the construction industry as a whole is on the upswing. All across the country, there are construction companies so busy that they can’t keep up with demand and they can’t keep enough employees on the payroll. While this is great for some companies, those that are having trouble with growth […]

Learn How Fund Control Can Truly Make Your Job Easier

The famous quote “work smarter not harder,” can feel counterintuitive to many in the construction industry. Of course, we are all used to working smartly, but in this business it is common for everyone from workers to management to believe that working hard is something to be proud of. While this is true, it is […]

Paper and Pencil Record Keeping is Having a Negative Impact on the Construction Industry

According to a recent survey about half of construction managers throughout the United States say that they get their critical jobsite data manually. About 33% say they use paper and pen to track that data. These are just some of the findings in a recent survey of more than 500 managers and executives throughout the […]

Construction Foreman Get Ready: Green Building is About to Become Even More Sought After

The fact that many developers and builders are leaning toward green building practices is not a surprise, but many in the industry were surprised by recent details that have come forth. At we may focus on developing construction software to make every job easier for our clients, but being successful in that venture requires us […]

ECL Software Adds Greg Johnson as Director of Business Development

ECL Software Adds Greg Johnson as Director of Business Development And ramps up marketing as it rolls out Fund Control 8 Gardena, California-May 4, 2018 ECL Software, a leading creator of management and risk mitigation software solutions for the construction and banking industries, is announcing the hiring of Greg Johnson to be their new Director […]

Learn More About the Construction Fund Control Software from ECL Software

There’s no question that managing construction loans takes time and is labor intensive. The good news is that we’ve come up with an innovative solution to many of the headaches of doing so. Our construction fund software can increase your productivity, reduce your risks, and make your process much more efficient. Read on to discover […]

The 10 Most Common Construction Scheduling Mistakes

Construction companies have unique situations to consider. You need to not only schedule jobs out but schedule a wide range of contractors and subcontractors working on each project. At , we’ve come up with industry-leading construction software products to help construction companies like yours avoid some of the most common scheduling mistakes. Read on to […]

Your Real Competition in the Construction World is Innovation

When looking at the construction industry as a whole, it’s shortsighted to think only of what’s happening in the United States. For a better idea of how we’re performing as a country within the world market, we’ve looked at some stats from Finland and found something surprising: Our biggest competition is innovation. Finland’s construction industry […]

Do You Need Another Reason to Ensure You’re Licensed? Learn How You Could Waive Your Right to Payment

It may seem like a given to be a licensed contractor before doing work, but the truth is that some companies believe that they can get by with letting their license lap. We know that our clients keep their legal status on the up and up – which is why they want the highest-quality construction […]

4 Factors to Consider When You Want to Avoid Construction Delays

No construction company wants to have construction delays yet at we find that many clients assume that they’re just par for the course. We offer some unique construction software products that can help improve communication and ensure that everyone you’re working with is on the same page. We’ve also compiled the four most important factors […]

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