Changes May Be on the Way to Improve the Paycheck Protection Program: How Could This Affect the Construction Industry?

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was supposed to help small businesses – including those in the construction industry – stay afloat during the coronavirus. Unfortunately, it has had some issues. The good news is that the House has passed a Bill that would improve the PPP but it still needs to pass the other house […]

The American Institute of Architects Has Released New Contract Documents Aimed at Helping Companies Reach Sustainability Goals

Companies of all sizes and in all industries are continually looking at ways to become more sustainable. This is smart because it can save them money, attract new customers, and help them meet their ethical goals. As time goes on, the world changes, and science teaches us more about what it means to be truly […]

The CDC and OSHA Recommend the Following Measures to Keep Construction Professionals Safe

What is happening with COVID-19 is unprecedented. It has affected just about every economic sector – including the construction industry. While there are many questions to be answered in the weeks, months, and years to come, today we do know some ways to protect people in the industry. Learn what the CDC and OSHA recommend […]

Five Ways COVID-19 is Affect the Construction Lending Industry Throughout the Country

It can feel like a disheartening time when nothing is the same and change is always negative. This is not necessarily true. While companies across the globe are being forced to find unique ways to preserve, new opportunities are arising. Check out these five ways COVID-19 is affecting the construction lending industry and how you […]

Five Steps to Take When Construction Sites Are Shut Down Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak

We live in uncertain times. Many construction sites across the world are shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be hard to know what to do and what not to do. At we have looked at recommendations from various cities and states to find the best actions to take. You should always follow […]

Discover Five Ways Fund Control Software Can Help Lower Labor Costs and Reduce Risk

Every company is looking for ways to lower their labor costs right now, and reducing risks is just as important. At we are proud of the products and services we have created, including Fund Control. Learn about five ways that it can help you achieve your goals of lowering labor costs and lowering your risk […]

5 Reasons JDIO is the Exact Construction Software You’ve Been Looking For

If you have been thinking of investing in a fund control construction software that can truly do it all then you have been looking for JDIO. We know you want more information so you can make the right decision. Just keep reading to learn about five reasons it is the right option for your company, […]

What to Do When Changes within Your Office Lead to Worry and Fear

Any wise businessperson knows that change is necessary if they want to grow their business, yet as they stay in business longer they may find it harder and harder to change. This is true not only of those in leadership positions but those throughout the organization at every level. Why is this? In short, it […]

Learn How to Get More from your Commercial Construction Lending Program

As a member of the commercial construction lending industry, you are always looking for ways to get more from your program. At we work with a wide range of clients to provide fund control options. Continue reading to learn how to get more from your program and then contact us at to learn more. Stop […]

4 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Technology for the Construction Finance Process

Of course your lending company needs to invest in the latest technology for construction finance but that certainly does not mean that you should invest in the first option that comes along. At we recommend you consider the following four questions before you invest in any construction finance technology products. How Much Time Will Be […]

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