3 Ways Your Construction Workers Can Feel Supported

If you have worked in the construction industry, then you know how important it is to feel supported. Worker mentality and efficiency on the job site can drop when support feels either low, wavering, or non-existent. This is why it is critical to know the proper methodology to keep your workers feeling supported. With our […]

Frustrated by Tedious Construction Estimating? Learn How Construction Software Will Help

The pressure is on when it comes to creating an accurate estimation of your construction project. Ensuring that the information provided is correct, easily tracked, and managed guarantees that the project resources are properly allocated. It is not only important to the budget but to the workers as well, so they have everything they’ll need. […]

Construction Software That Can Help You Save Money When Net Profits are Slim

It’s important to analyze trends in the construction industry at the beginning of the year. Although 2023 is looking very promising with a rising workload, some areas can be viewed as troublesome. Rising material prices, a declining workforce, and increased pressure on bottom lines are all affecting the construction industry. So, what do you do? […]

Management, Administrative, & Accounting – The Unsung Heroes of the Construction Industry

The are so many moving pieces that go into completing a construction project successfully. Not just from the actual construction worker too. From the management, administration, and accounting side of the construction industry, the stakes are just as high for them as they are for the workers. If there are any clerical errors at their […]

The Age of the Rolodex is Done – Store Your Contacts Digitally

In the construction industry, you need to remember a lot of names and companies associated with those names. From suppliers to contractors, to subcontractors to material handlers, there is typically a good number of workers circulating throughout the job site. Has this ever happened to you? You take down a contractor’s personal information but either […]

Groundbreaking Construction Software as a Service – Construction Management Information System (CMIS)

Managing all of the ongoing tasks for your construction company is a challenge. So that all parties are aware of what is going on, several pieces of information must be recorded throughout the day. Our Construction Management Information Software (CMIS) gives you the tool to easily track these pieces of information in one practical spot, […]

The Embracement of Intuitive Software Throughout the Construction Industry

Every construction site aims to attain predictability and consistency. Any contractor wants to ensure that everything runs without a snag, that all employees are carrying out their assigned duties, that material orders are precise and delivered on time, and that project is being finished on schedule and on budget. If one of those factors loses efficiency, […]

Construction Logs Made Easy – Learn How CMIS Construction Software Does It

On the job site, things happen quickly, so it’s critical to keep track of everything accurately. But since the information is typically shared and written with differing apps and methodologies, that frequently doesn’t happen. For example, information may be recorded in a word document, a Google Doc, an email, a text message, or occasionally even […]

Construction Software That Can Ease the Stress of Estimating with CMIS

Construction estimating can be a tedious task. Every bit of information needs to be 100% accurate so that when the budget and resources are calculated, the recourses needed are properly allocated. Having the knowledge and tools to efficiently cost estimate is critical for your construction company. Our Construction Management Information System (CMIS) software empowers you […]

Want to Make Your Construction Company More Efficient? Learn How with ECL Software

The construction industry is booming as infrastructure and private property projects are in high demand. It is imperative that you have the tools to make the job site as efficient as possible. Screwups can put the schedule way behind and ultimately cost your business precious time and money. Construction software is an easy tool to […]

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