Can Your Loan Company Benefit from Construction Management and Fund Control Software? Yes!

We have been working for many years to bring truly innovation construction management and fund control software to our clients. In those years we have found ways to better serve our clients and have perfected our software. Are you not sure if your loan company will benefit from our services? Read on to learn why […]

4 Reasons Every Experienced Lender Should Have a Construction Loan Program

As an experienced lender, you know that with diversification comes risk but it also brings the potential for reward. Ten years ago it may not have made sense to move into the construction loan sector but today, with the latest construction loan tools available, it easier than ever before and provides better margins. Read on […]

Every Construction Lender’s Risk Management Policy Should Include These Essential Parts

Every Construction Lender’s Risk Management Policy Should Include These Essential Parts

There is no question that construction lending has the potential to be profitable but it can also be very risky. Consider that in just the last five years, one in ten banks reported that at least one construction project had failed – and more than half of those failures were due to construction cost overruns. […]

3 of the Biggest Construction Lending Risks and How ECL Software Can Help

No construction lender knowingly takes on unnecessary risk but all too often, risk is taken on just the same. At we work with many clients who have had great successes and those who have dealt with harder times. Today we will discuss three of the best lessons your construction lending company can learn if you […]

Fund Control v8: Ready for Prime Time

After 5 years of planning, over 2,000 hours of development, and endless hours of beta testing we’re proud to say that, in our 25th year, we have made history again with this latest release of Fund Control. Key new features: Web Browser based Visual mapping with weather and environmental condition overlays Draw based lien waiver […]

How Can the Construction Industry Reduce the Shockingly High Number of Injuries on the Job Site?

According to the latest statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) about one in every ten workers on a construction site is injured every year. That comes out to over 150,000 injuries on job sites every year – and almost 1,000 of those injuries prove to be fatal. There is no question that […]

Tips for Hiring a Construction Project Manager Who Will Get the Job Done Right

The right construction project manager makes a huge difference in how successful any project is. At we provide innovative fund control software that helps our clients stay organized, in communication with one another, and always abreast of the latest regulatory changes – among other things. That said, no software can take the place of the […]

The Importance of Lenders Protecting Their CTP Loans – And How to Do It

It goes without saying that a lending institution wants to ensure that their investments are protected. The bad news is that this can be complicated when it comes to construction to permanent loans (CTP loans) due to the fact that they are higher risk than other options. This is why most institutions have limits and […]

Back to the Basics: The History of TRID and How It Affects Construction Lending

Every lender must follow the same regulations. In recent years, those regulations have been presented via TRID, which has made it difficult and nearly impossible for some lenders to originate construction loans. At we have created unique software solutions that make compliance easier than it’s ever been. Today we are going to cover the basics […]

Just Do It Once with Our Unique Software Solution

We have worked tirelessly to create the software solution that will work for your unique needs. At we have come up with a revolutionary software solution: Just Do It Once, or JDIO for short. It is an incredible tool for collaboration involving all parties in the construction industry. Whether you are involving contractors or subcontractors, […]

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