Tips for Hiring a Construction Project Manager Who Will Get the Job Done Right

The right construction project manager makes a huge difference in how successful any project is. At we provide innovative fund control software that helps our clients stay organized, in communication with one another, and always abreast of the latest regulatory changes – among other things. That said, no software can take the place of the […]

The Importance of Lenders Protecting Their CTP Loans – And How to Do It

It goes without saying that a lending institution wants to ensure that their investments are protected. The bad news is that this can be complicated when it comes to construction to permanent loans (CTP loans) due to the fact that they are higher risk than other options. This is why most institutions have limits and […]

Back to the Basics: The History of TRID and How It Affects Construction Lending

Every lender must follow the same regulations. In recent years, those regulations have been presented via TRID, which has made it difficult and nearly impossible for some lenders to originate construction loans. At we have created unique software solutions that make compliance easier than it’s ever been. Today we are going to cover the basics […]

Just Do It Once with Our Unique Software Solution

We have worked tirelessly to create the software solution that will work for your unique needs. At we have come up with a revolutionary software solution: Just Do It Once, or JDIO for short. It is an incredible tool for collaboration involving all parties in the construction industry. Whether you are involving contractors or subcontractors, […]

Let us Help You Ensure You Meet Regulatory Requirements for Loans and Borrowers

Meeting the regulatory requirements of specialty lenders can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider, many requirements to meet, and changes constantly being administered. The good news is that today’s technology and software products allow you to seamlessly conduct business will meeting these requirements. To find out more about how can help you […]

Follow These 4 Tips to Close More Construction Loans

Whether you provide solely construction loans or offer a variety of loans and want to extend your portfolio to construction loans, anyone in this space can likely stand to learn a few tips to close more of these loans. At we offer comprehensive fund control software that makes it easier to get the job done. […]

Are You Struggling with Construction Loan Compliance Challenges? Technology is the Answer

Now that we are ten years past the housing crash of 2008, we are comfortable saying that the market is on a steady incline. That said, the housing inventory is still not where it was at before 2008. The result is a housing crisis that is more complex than those that came before it. This […]

Does Your Construction Project Have to Go Over Budget? We Say No

Too often in the construction industry, those involved just assume that every project will go over budget. This does not make it easier for them to accept when it happens, but it does give them a cynical view of anything the project manager tells them. The same is true of timing – not all projects […]

3 Construction Scheduling Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make

No matter the scope of a construction project, it is essential to property plan and monitor each phase. The easiest way to do this is through project scheduling. However, too often those involved assume that simply creating a schedule is enough. It is not. Keep reading to find out how at can help you Just […]

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Considering Contractor Acceptance

As a construction lender, you have many things to prioritize. The good news is that there are steps that can be taken to reduce potential risk. can offer specialized fund control software made for construction lending. We also offer unique solutions to other issues in this industry. Today we are going to discuss some red […]

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