Control the process from start to finish with our robust construction loan management software

Are you tired of searching through multiple different systems for information related to your construction loans? Do you have trouble keeping loan transactions up to date or connected to backend accounting systems? ECL Software can help. We have a robust construction loan management software package that was designed specifically for your needs with the input of construction industry professionals. It will allow you to streamline your operations and track comprehensive details about multiple loans in one easy-to-use system.

Contacts & Communications

With one single-entry address book and a wealth of templates for all kinds of correspondence, our construction loan management software makes it easy to keep in constant communication with leads, borrowers, contractors, and any institutions that may be contributing funding.

Project Progress Tracking

One of the most common challenges in construction loan management is probably making sure that payments are always aligned with actual project progress rather than just dates on a calendar. Our construction loan management software allows for detailed tracking of project progress, complete with inspection notes and pictures.

Budgets & Financial Transactions

You can create and maintain budgets and budget changes easily within our software, with the capacity to input budgets manually, import spreadsheets, or work from templates. It’s easy to keep financial transactions in line with the budget because all disbursements to borrowers as well as their pay-downs can be processed through our software.


Our construction loan management software isn’t just about administering individual loans. It can help you manage your entire portfolio thanks to robust reporting and stress testing features. With all the data already in one system, you’ll find it easier than ever to get reports that reflect up to the minute realities.

Customize Your Construction Loan Management Software

At ECL Software, we recognize that while lenders do have certain core activities in common, they also have their own individual processes and protocols that must also be accommodated by their software. Rather than being a one-size-fits-all software that you have to adjust to, our construction loan management software can be adjusted to fit you and your business. There are about 800 settings that we can turn on or off to accommodate your company’s unique needs, and we are always happy to help you tailor your experience further through custom programming if needed. Please contact us today to learn more.