Our user-friendly fund control software suite contains robust tools for tracking, managing, and administering CRE loan accounts

Constant oversight is vital for any lender, but especially for a construction lender operating in uncertain economic conditions. At ECL Software, we know the construction industry. We’ve leveraged our knowledge to create a specialized fund control software suite tailored to the unique needs of construction lenders. It contains all the tools banks need to effectively track construction project progress and manage related loan accounts.

Track Project Progress

Name any detail connected to the construction lending or building process, and our fund control software can track it. This robust software suite enables banks to upload construction progress inspections complete with photos and tie those progress reports to dates, budgets, and disbursements within the system. There is even a functionality that allows for the creation and tracking of multiple versions of a contract or budget to accommodate changing project needs.

Manage Communications

We made our fund control software a single-entry system to help save you time and money. Enter borrower and contractor contact information once, and it automatically populates into all relevant tools and templates. This makes it easy to communicate about project progress with all interested parties.

Administer Funds

Of course, our software also handles all financial transactions related to the loan, from disbursement of funds to contractors, receipt of investment funds from outside institutions, borrower pay-downs, and repayment of funds to outside institutions. With all information about all loans in a single place, our fund control software makes it easy to manage revolving lines of credit and to achieve a big-picture view of your overall portfolio performance.

Customize Your Fund Control Software

At ECL Software, we don’t think that banks should have to adapt their practices to software requirements. Instead, the software should adapt to the processes banks already have in place. Our fund control software can be customized to meet your needs so you can hit the ground running and reap the benefits of implementation sooner. Please contact us to learn more.