ECL at FMDiSC Meeting

At Bresee Foundation, 184 Bimini Place, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Joe Patterson of ECL Software will be presenting FileMaker Pro on your iPhone and iPod touch! Yes, gang, you read that correctly… your holiday cheer has arrived! Even though FileMaker Inc. has not officially announced any products (such as FileMaker Mobile) for the iPhone, the ingenious folks at FMWebSchool have already beaten them to the punch! FMTouch is the new $59 program that puts FileMaker in the palm of your hands. Joe, who has been actively using FMTouch since it was released, will demonstrate how this amazing little product works, including discussing the system requirements, showing off a sample application, and giving us a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with it. He’ll talk about the pitfalls and gotchas to be on the lookout for, along with the massive power and success that comes along with FMTouch. Then, Joe will open up the floor for an in-depth Q&A.