Payroll Pitfalls, Problems, and Solutions

Payroll Pitfalls, Problems, and SolutionsManaging the payroll can be one of the most difficult parts of construction management. Some construction companies have hundreds of employees, ranging from unskilled laborers to specialized technicians like plumbers to the administrative workers in the construction office. A company might have to worry about salaries, hourly pay, or piece work, along with a wide variety of benefits and deductions. A quality construction management information system, however, can help you deal with the logistics and math, while human resources consulting services can assist in relationships with employees. Together they make paying your workers a breeze.

What do Workers Make?

Construction is a vital industry in our economy, and construction workers are a diverse group. On the low end, some workers make the minimum wage, while the highest paid workers can earn almost $100,000 dollars a year. For a large construction company with many employees, that adds up to a lot of money to keep track of—and mistakes can be expensive.

Outsourcing Issues

One of the most common tasks that construction companies choose to outsource is the payroll. There are entire companies that exist solely to do the payroll for other companies, since the job can be time-consuming and errors can be costly. However, with the correct software, doing the payroll yourself can be a breeze. It’s also much cheaper than hiring someone else to do it, and helps keep your company’s finances within your company.


A construction management information system, or CMIS, can help manage just about any aspect of a construction project, ranging from the contact information of clients and subcontractors to the data points for each project. One of the most important aspects is ensuring that everyone gets paid. A good program can help handle unlimited pay rates for each employee, as well as all the different types of pay (such as salary and hourly work). It can track employee time cards and all their benefits and deductions. A CMIS knows your company intimately and can make doing the payroll easier than ever.

Human Resources Consulting

However, balance sheets aren’t the only problem with the payroll. The people receiving the pay can also cause issues. Your company’s human resources department should be able to handle relationships with employees, making sure that they are happy and productive, as well as dealing with their compensation and setting their pay. Ensuring that employees are compensated and content helps to prevent protests and keep morale high. When disputes over pay come up, HR is often in charge of resolving these. If the department is having trouble, though, they might need consulting services to help answer their question.

ECL Software wants your company to run as smoothly as possible, and that can be achieved by avoiding pay disputes and making the payroll process as simple as possible. Contact us today to see how we can help.