How to Increase the Productivity of Construction Workers

Productivity of Construction WorkersRunning a construction company can be a complicated, difficult, and often stressful job. There are employees to worry about, dangerous situations to encounter, lots of competition, and complicated laws to follow. One of the most important parts of keeping your company on track is making sure that your employees are as productive as possible. Here are some tips for keeping productivity up, so you can complete your projects on time.

Effective Managers are Key

Great leaders are part of the necessary foundation of your company. Good leaders help define direction, priorities, goals, and an individual’s role on a construction site. Unfortunately, managers can also be the weak link in the productivity chain, so you need to make sure you hire effective people to fill these roles.

Clear Roles and Goals

Employees perform better when they have clearly defined job duties and goals. Managers and leaders should communicate constantly with their staff to make sure they understand the project they are working on, when it needs to be completed, and what the main goals are. An unclear mission or fuzzy goals can result in a lack of focus and commitment.

Performance Metrics and Room for Advancement

Employees like to know if they are performing well and if you are satisfied with their work. Having an effective metrics and reporting process can help reinforce goals. If employees feel like hard work equals more pay and advancement, they are more likely to stick with your company.

Business Systems Can Help

There’s a lot to keep organized at a construction company, so a great business system can help keep you on track and using time wisely. Business systems can help you stay organized, complete payroll easily, and monitor projects in great detail. If you don’t have a great business system, employees may spend way too much time searching for information, completing payroll, or tracking small details of a project.

Managing contacts is an integral part of any business, including construction. You should keep all of your leads, clients, and suppliers organized so that they are easy to contact with each new project or bid. Don’t let employees waste any time by sifting through piles of information, looking for phone numbers!

Keeping logs on projects in an organized fashion is another way to save time. You should be keeping track of submittals, RFI’s, change Order Requests, Meeting Minutes, and other key documents and information. Once again, you’d rather have your employees working on a project or landing clients, than digging through documents trying to find one piece of information.

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