February Jobless Rate Down in Construction

Declining jobless rate signals opportunities for contractors and lenders.

February Jobless Rate Down in ConstructionAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobless rate in the construction sector is continuing to decline. This February, we saw the number of unemployed in this sector drop to 10.6 percent, a notable improvement over February 2014’s rate of 12.8 percent. Total construction employment is now at 6.35 million individuals, the highest level we’ve seen in 6 years.

The numbers are especially encouraging considering what a rough winter we have had in most of the country. To add 29,000 jobs in February despite record-setting snowfalls shutting down work in many northern states is significant.

According to the Associated General Contractors of America, construction workers are also getting more hours and more pay despite the challenging winter weather. Average weekly hours were up to 39.6 compared to 39 in January, and average weekly wages showed a modest increase from $1,052 to $1,066 in that same period.

Another positive indicator is that architectural and engineering services jobs also increased in February. About 4,900 new jobs were added to this sector, which is counted separately from the construction sector. The need for more workers on the design and engineering side should spell more projects coming down the pipeline and a continuing steady supply of work for the construction industry.

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