Multifamily Units Fuel Increase in Home Construction Starts for June

Demand for apartments and condos behind recent jump in new home starts for June

Multifamily Units Fuel Increase in Home Construction Starts for JuneAccording to the latest data from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, nationwide housing starts were up 9.8 percent as of June. Though single-family starts were down slightly, a substantial increase of 29.4 percent in the multifamily construction sector was more than sufficient to compensate.

Multifamily construction starts are much higher year-over-year as well. This sector saw a 20.5 percent gain over June 2014 while single family starts only increased 8.5 percent. Industry experts attribute this to a continued demand for rental housing from the millennial generation.

Certain markets are providing more opportunities for builders and lenders than others. For example, the most growth in both multifamily and single family construction starts was seen in the Northeast, while the Midwest and the West actually saw slight losses in new starts. Experts point to issues with the availability of desirable land and affordable labor in these regions as a possible factor in this trend.

Even so, builders are reporting overall confidence in the housing market, which is of course good news for all.

However, the industry is still very competitive and it is important for construction companies to be prepared to manage their projects properly to mitigate risk and maximize profitability.

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