5 Ways to Use Your iPhone or iPad with iOS Ready JDIO Software

Native iOS solutions help you maximize the benefits of online collaboration

5 Ways to Use Your iPhone or iPad with iOS Ready JDIO SoftwareThese days, almost everyone is connected almost all the time. It simply does not make sense to continue using any kind of business software solution that does not allow all parties to enter information on the go and have it immediately available everywhere it is needed.

Hence the beauty of our customizable JDIO software.

With this Just Do It Once solution, tedious and error-prone double entry of information is eliminated, as are the delays and miscommunications frequently caused by a lack of access to up-to-date information. Instead, our software allows you to combine all your vital activities into one secure and convenient online software portal. For example, our solutions for construction professionals include features to cover everything from bidding to contracts to inspections and disbursements in one convenient portal that employees can access from the office or the field.

While our JDIO software can be used on any device that supports a web browser, we do offer native iOS solutions that can enable your company to take full advantage of the perks of working via iPad or iPhone:

5 Ways to Use your iPhone or iPad with JDIO

Speech to Text: Depending on your needs, any field can be configured to accept speech to text input. This can be really convenient for making notes or even for composing official memos and documents to be shared with others.

Geo Encoding: What better way to keep track of employees in the field than with geo-encoding? This can show that they really did visit the sites as directed and spend adequate time there to get the job done.

Photos & Video: When using JDIO to monitor the progress of construction projects, a picture is worth a thousand words and video is priceless. Native iOS solutions make it a breeze to upload photos and video from your device right into the inspection reports.

Document Scanning: Why copy down information from documents like invoices, budget revisions, or disbursement requests when you can simply scan them with your device? It’s fast and further reduces errors.

Signature Capture: Getting approvals or sign offs on various tasks or documents is really convenient with signature capture technology. And there’s never any risk of not having a copy of the document on hand or losing the signed version like there is with paper.

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