Close the Gap Between Field & Office for Better Construction Management

Cloud-based software like CMIS can help prevent delays and miscommunications in construction projects.

Close the Gap Between Field & Office for Better Construction Management

A construction site can be a complicated and confusing place, with all kinds of different vendors, contractors, subcontractors, inspectors, and other highly specialized professionals coming and going. Ordinarily, office staff must wait for reports from the foremen to understand what’s going on with a project, and then this data must be keyed into the office computers in order to make it available to other stakeholders.

This can create a very real and very problematic gap in communication and collaboration between the field and the office. All kinds of mistakes can happen, such as overpaying vendors for supplies or paying subcontractors for work that hasn’t been completed properly. Work delays can also easily result when communications between the office and the field are delayed or interrupted.

The good news is, by moving communications to the cloud, you can close the gap between the field and the office for better construction management.

ECL Software’s CMIS (Construction Management Information System) is an ideal tool to use for cloud-based project communication. Our CMIS was specifically designed with the needs of construction professionals in mind, and includes everything you need to manage a construction project from start to finish. CMIS can accommodate all project data and facilitate tasks like:

  • Contact management
  • Communications
  • Estimates & bids
  • Budgeting
  • Contract management
  • Work in progress reporting
  • Payroll
  • Accounting

Our Single-Entry System Helps Prevent Delays and Errors

Because CMIS is a single-entry system, information becomes instantly accessible to all stakeholders as soon as it is entered. For example, if a foreman is ticking completed items off a punch list, the staff in the office will see this happening in real time. There’s no need to wait for the foreman to tell the staff what’s been done off the punch list at the end of the day, and no risk of the office personnel accidentally crossing off the wrong punch list item in a duplicate data entry process.

Our CMIS actually contains the most robust work in progress reporting feature in the industry, allowing you to track nearly 1,000 data points. Foremen can even upload photos of key features of the work as it is completed to create a visual record of project progress. This is a huge help when office staff are trying to adjust to schedule changes and make sure that they pay their subcontractors—and get paid by clients—on time.

Make CMIS Work For You

Because we understand that every company likes to do business their own way, we’ve made CMIS easy to customize with 2000 settings that can be turned on or off to suit your needs. For a free, personalized online demo, please contact us today.