6 JDIO Features You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

6 JDIO Features You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

JDIO, which stands for “Just Do It Once,” offers much more than you may know. It’s truly a collaborative tool that lets everyone involved in a construction project work together. From the owner to the contractor, from the borrower to the lender, from the inspector to the developer, with this innovative software from ECL Software, everyone can work together seamlessly. As you integrate to this exceptional option, check out these top features to ensure you’re getting out if it what you can.

  1. Budget overviews

  2. JDIO lets you see exactly where the project stands at any given moment. You can review both the broad overview and the details – right down to a single check. With our budget overviews, you have access to the overall balance, the full cost, the details of your original budget and every single change that’s been made, the details of every check you’ve written and every disbursement you’ve received, the financial standing of all funding sources, and much more!

  3. Incredible availability

  4. With JDIO, you have total access from anywhere. It works on a huge range of devices, can be accessed from any major browser, and even works with varying connection speeds. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access JDIO.

  5. Exceptional access on Apple devices

  6. At ECL Software, it’s important to us that our software is accessible from numerous platforms but we took special care to assure that native iOS are included. For example, you can use speech to text, your camera, signature capture, geo encoding, document scanning, and so much more.

  7. Advanced inspection recording

  8. View, record, and monitor your inspections right from JDIO. There’s no question that the progress of a construction project is essential – and having as much information as possible is important. With this software, inspectors can add photos, documents, images, and notes directly.

  9. Print hard copies when needed

  10. We know it’s handy to have as much online as possible but we also know that there are times when you need a physical copy. That’s why we offer printing via PDF. You can produce clear, professional documents right from our software. You can even create and print government forms.

  11. Customize for your own needs

  12. At the end of the day, you need JDIO to work the way you need it to work. That’s why we’ve built in features that allow you to divide work and accomplish tasks however you need to. You can allocate specific features to individuals or to everyone with a specific job role. You have total control over what information is shared with who and you chose what can be viewed and what can be modified.

Do you have questions about the options available from ECL Software? Reach out to us online, via email, or call us at 800-625-5972 to let us show you how we can change the way you do business.