Top Tools That Can Help Construction Companies Collaborate More Effectively

Top Tools That Can Help Construction Companies Collaborate More Effectively

A construction company’s next project is only as successful as the people working on it – and they can only be successful if they are able to effectively communicate and collaborate. Yet many construction managers are quick to confess that they simply aren’t doing either of those things as effectively as they could. At ECL Software, we’re here to make these concerns a thing of the past. Here are some of the ways that a product like JIDO can be a game-changer when it comes to collaboration.

Integration with numerous platforms and products is essential

One of the best things about JDIO is that it can collaborate with most any system you can think of. In fact, we actively look for systems that would be well served to have a program like ours. We allow many different operations to work together to offer you real-time data, which can totally eliminate your need for data processing and management.

You need the ability to view the financial details of every project

One of the most important aspects of any type of construction management supplement is the ability to view the budget as a whole. At ECL Software, we offer a solution that makes it simple to see exactly where each project stands at any given moment. This refers both to a broad overview and to the details you need for every check.

Some of the included capabilities include the option to see your overall balance, where each funding source stands, your full cost / budget report, all details of both your original budget and changes made to it, and every detail of each check and disbursement. The project manager can easily add access for anyone who needs to see these stats while keeping other stats private. The flexibility and range makes this an exceptional product.

Keeping a close eye on inspections is imperative

At ECL Software, we have a background in the inspection business and we keep on the pulse of what our clients need. There’s no question that being able to view, record, and monitor inspections is a top priority. In fact, wouldn’t you agree that it’s crucial to knowing the progress and where your project stands? Your inspectors can get into JDIO themselves to add pictures, notes, documents, and more. This single feature makes the program worth it.

Are you ready for more information on how we can help you?

If you’re in the construction business then you know how important it is to have the right tools. You also know that having one tool that can do a million different jobs is much better than having a different tool for every job you need done. That’s what ECL Software can do for you. We can provide you with a wide range of solutions with just a single product. Call us today at 800-625-5972 to learn more about your options.