Is Your Fund Control Software as Good as it Could Be?

Is Your Fund Control Software as Good as it Could Be? As a construction company, it’s a given that you need fun control software. But is your software doing what it could be doing for you? Are you still using software that isn’t specific to the construction industry? Are you using fund control software that isn’t integrated? Can you collaborate with your software? The future is here and ECL Software is here to present. Read on to learn what your software could be doing for your company.

Quickly and easily review budgets of any project

Time is money, and there’s no time to waste when you need to peek at a budget overview of any given project. When you work with ECL Software, you’ll know where every project stands at any given moment. You can access the project overall or down to every single check.

Our software allows you to check balances, full costs, details of your original budget as well as changes that have been made, the complete financial standing of every single fund source, all budget reports, and details of every check and disbursement. If your software isn’t doing all this and more then it’s time to contact ECL Software.

Easily keep an eye on your inspections

How much time has your company wasted in the last year waiting for the results of an inspection? There’s no question that you don’t know where your project stands if you can’t get to your inspecting. When you use JDIO, inspectors can update their findings right into the program. This includes their notes, documents, reports, images, photos, and much more.

Why have your inspector deliver the completed inspection to a single employee, who must then distribute it to the correct parties. What if that person isn’t there to distribute it? When you use software from ECL Software, you can easily correct these bottlenecks that are today causing you unnecessary problems.

Get complete access on the go

Virtually any software you invest in today is going to claim to be cross-platform complaint. This means that in theory you can use them with any web browser on your computer, a laptop, your phone, or a tablet. In reality, it’s rarely this easy.

The good news is that ECL Software truly is a cross-platform product. Not only are our programs compatible with any major browser, but we also have a suite of extras that have been set up specifically for iOS platforms. They include voice to text, camera, signature capture, and more.

Are you ready to move into the future?

Don’t wait for your competition to move past you. Today is the day to act and learn more. Reach out to ECL Software online or give us a call at 800-625-5972. We are here to help you select the right products for your business. In the ever-changing world of construction, you need a fund control software program that will change with you. That’s exactly what we’re offering today.