Is JDIO the Most Important Tool On Your Construction Site?

Is JDIO the Most Important Tool On Your Construction Site?

Construction has always been a fragmented industry. Executives try to lead project managers, engineers, architects, vendors, and everyone else in a complex supply chain. However, every job site is different and every subcontractor works differently. As a result, keeping track of everyone who needs duties delegated to them, and their progress as the project moves on, has historically been nearly impossible.

All that changed with the advent of collaborative software like JDIO. No longer are construction companies forced to deal with the slow movement of important information, time wasted with unnecessarily complex workflows, and the waste, lost revenue, and risk of lawsuit that can come along with these issues. Read on to learn why JDIO may be the most important tool on your construction site and then reach out to us at 800-625-5972 to find out how we can help.

There are many benefits to collaboration

Most construction industry specialists understand why collaboration is important but not all of them understand 100% of the benefits. While it would take years to explain all the reasons it makes sense, we can cover some of the basic benefits.

First of all, remember that construction is an industry that’s often compartmentalized. Workflow is almost always sequential, with one sector waiting on the next to get started, and communication existing only when it’s time to pass the buck on to the next department. However, when you have better collaboration, different teams can be better prepared for the start of their work. Each department can be in step with every other department from the word go.

Second, collaboration helps lead to more innovative practices. Teams out in the field can communicate directly with each other and with engineers to find the right solution to onsite problems. The accountant can be in on the conversation too, and can then allocate the necessary resources. Could all of this happen without collaboration software? It may, but it would take days or even weeks – not a matter of minutes.

When a construction company wants to reduce the time it takes to complete a project, boost their capacity to take on new jobs, and scale their operations as needed, collaboration can play a big role.

Finally, consider how important it is for associates in various parts of a construction organization to be able to instantly relay messages to one another. Whether it’s an outside party, a vendor, or an internal employee, when you use collaboration software you can communicate directly with a specific role – and not the person in that role. This means that when turnover happens, the new person can walk seamlessly into the role they’re beginning.

Find your own unique benefits to JDIO

No matter the size or type of construction company you’re dealing with, there’s no question that JDIO can help you and the companies you deal with communicate more effectively. To learn more about your options, reach out to ECL Software at 800-625-5972 right away.