Construction, the Cloud, and Mobile Data: Learn What One Survey Taught Us

Construction, the Cloud, and Mobile Data: Learn What One Survey Taught Us

As a new year begins there’s much discussion about where the construction industry is heading. At ECL Software, we are looking at all the data, predictions, and resources to ensure we’re providing our clients with the best possible products. One trend that’s continuing to gain traction and prove itself to be more than a fad is using the cold to store data. According to one study by JB Knowledge, changes are on the way. Read on to learn more. If you want access to cutting edge construction software, reach out online or call us at 800-625-5972.

Companies are increasingly working to secure their cloud data

In 2016, only 5% of companies said they were actively working to secure their cloud data. In 2017, that number skyrocketed to 20%. Some of the actions they’re taking include additional employee training, IT polices on a corporate level, and ensuring that security devices are installed on mobile devices. Using a cloud storage company that’s secure only helps your data once it’s in the cloud – these additional steps help protect data everywhere.

Mobile data continues to be a blind spot

More than one in three companies have no process in place to secure the mobile data of their employee’s personal devices. This is fine if those employees never use their personal devices at work, but that’s a rare situation. When these devices aren’t secured, corporate data is vulnerable and the company can’t control how information moves or is stored.

This can especially be an issue with employees access their social media accounts on the same device they’re using to store or transmit data, when they log in to unsecure WIFI networks, or when they send personal communication with the same device they’re using for professional purposes. There are a few ways to get around this, including using unique construction communication tools that allow employees, contractors, etc. to communicate securely from any device.

Many companies will wait until there’s a problem to do anything about security issues

Most companies tie up their accounting departments to ensure they’re safe, but otherwise wait until there’s an issue before taking steps to secure the rest of their company. The survey also found that almost 100% of employees know what their company’s security policies are involving internal data but very few of those people actually understand them.

Training may be an essential part of future security policies

Companies are taking steps to secure their cloud data, but though 67% of companies say they’re working to train their employees on best practices for secure cloud data, about 80% of them readily admit that they expect that only about half of their employees both understand and apply their policies.

There may be many reasons for this disconnect but at ECL Software we believe one of the main reasons is pretty simple: The process can be complicated. That’s one of the reasons we offer our JDIO software, which makes it seamless and simple to communicate securely. We’re here to help you discover if it’s the right solution for your company – just call us at 800-625-5972 for more information.