Construction Foreman Get Ready: Green Building is About to Become Even More Sought After

Construction Foreman Get Ready: Green Building is About to Become Even More Sought After

The fact that many developers and builders are leaning toward green building practices is not a surprise, but many in the industry were surprised by recent details that have come forth. At ECL Software we may focus on developing construction software to make every job easier for our clients, but being successful in that venture requires us to keep our finger on the pulse of the nation. That’s why we’re here to share some of our experiences in this industry.

Transparency Market Research has studied trends across the world

To learn more about the trends in the American construction industry, one can’t simply look at this country – the entire world must be considered. With a global economy, it’s essential to look at how the U.S. fits into the world at large. According to research from Transparency Market Research, the use of green materials in public facilities throughout the United States is a trend that’s following worldwide trends.

There is one major factor leading to so much growth in the green sector

After analyzing the data, there are numerous reasons that green building is on the rise, but one factor in particular that can be pointed to when consider this specific boom: An increase in green materials in public facilities. This is due because many local and state governments in the U.S. are starting to support green building. Some point to the same trend in the worldwide market as a partial cause of the U.S. boom in green materials.

Projections for green building are impressive

According to the most trusted experts in the field, the global green building market is going to grow by nearly 13% a year for the next three years. Reports indicate that insulation is going to rise faster than other products and it has grown more than 20% in the last year alone. Studies further show that green roofs are going to increase demand for new roofing application materials, and that companies are going to be looking for glues and paints that don’t have volatile organic compounds (otherwise known as VOCs).

We’re also looking at carpet tiles made from recycled materials, which are leading the interior finishing application segment. Other non-conventional building materials should be on the rise as well, such as panels with structural insulation, materials made with recycled steel, and autoclaved aerated concrete.

Let us help you move forward as a company

Succeeding as a construction company is complicated. It requires hiring the right people, communicating with them in the right way, finding the best products, and a million other things. The good news is that at ECL Software we offer unique construction software that makes fund control and communication simple. If you want to learn more, reach out to us at 800-625-5972 or contact us online. We are here to ensure the success of your company.