Just Do It Once with Our Unique Software Solution

Just Do It Once with Our Unique Software Solution

We have worked tirelessly to create the software solution that will work for your unique needs. At ECL Software we have come up with a revolutionary software solution: Just Do It Once, or JDIO for short. It is an incredible tool for collaboration involving all parties in the construction industry. Whether you are involving contractors or subcontractors, whether you need help with borrowers or lenders, from inspectors to developers, from architects to engineers, we get everyone on the same page.

The bottom line is that today’s construction industry is more competitive than ever. As a result, you simply can’t afford to be disjointed, fragmented, disconnected – in short you must be organized. We help you do that. We allow your entire team to collaborate in the same place and get on the same page. With our program, it is easy to see who the team members are, what they are responsible for, and the real-time status of those responsibilities.

Turn to us for true integration solutions

While our software programs are designed to offer true solutions, we know that they do not exist in a vacuum. This is the reason that we work to integrate our programs with other systems. We know that the other programs you use can benefit from the services and options our software offers. If there is something you want integrated with our program, let us know and we will take care of you.

We work with third-party software developers to find the best ways to fully integrate our software with their products. Soon we will allow you to not only participate with others, but to run your entire business through JDIO. Stay tuned for changes on that front.

We add new features all the time

While we strive to add new features on a weekly basis, here are some of the most popular features currently available:

  • Budget overviews. Our software lets you see the overall finances and details of your project so that you know where it stands at every moment. We offer information that includes a broad overview and the details. Our budget overviews show the overall balance, the standing of every fund source, the full cost and budget reports, details of any changes since the original budget, and the details of your checks and disbursements.
  • Inspection recording. Through JDIO, you can easily view, record, and monitor your inspections.
  • Documents and reports. Our services are available on any device on which you can receive internet connections. However, we know that having access to documents and reports online is not always enough. That’s why we work to make it easy to print hard copy documents and reports as well. You can print directly from JDIO via PDF.

These are just a few of the most popular features. You can count on the number of features to increase as time goes on and for you to have access to all of these new features. Contact ECL Software at 800-625-5972 or info@eclsoftware.com.