How Can the Construction Industry Reduce the Shockingly High Number of Injuries on the Job Site?

How Can the Construction Industry Reduce the Shockingly High Number of Injuries on the Job Site?

According to the latest statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) about one in every ten workers on a construction site is injured every year. That comes out to over 150,000 injuries on job sites every year – and almost 1,000 of those injuries prove to be fatal. There is no question that we can do better.

Any construction company has both a moral and financial duty to keep employees safe. In addition to protecting the lives of those who are working tirelessly for your company, you will also be preventing your workers’ comp premiums from rising, jobsite delays, and other issues on the site.

At ECL Software we do not work in the safety industry but we do provide software that can help those working on your projects to communicate better. We believe that when used correctly, this can be an essential improving safety. Keep reading to learn more about a few ways you can help improve safety on your job site. Then contact us at 800-625-5972 if you want a free demo of our project-changing software.

Ensure That Every Employee is Trained for the Job They Are Doing

Does this seem like common sense? It should – but it is not always followed. Too often, a person is put into the position of working a particular job that they are not trained for or skilled enough to handle. This is often the result of poor communication. For example, the person who is assigning the workload may not be 100% familiar with what each member of the team is trained and ready for.

Our software can help. It allows group-level access to a wide variety of documents and information. When you have one location for essential information about who is trained for what, it is easier to accurately schedule. Likewise, if those working on the ground floor are able to review job assignments before they are official, they can head off some potential issues.

Verify Worker Training

Of course, another issue is that a worker may not be honest about the training they have. They may want to get to a certain pay grade, or they may want to learn on the job – they may actually believe they can handle a job even without the training.

Whatever the cause, it is the responsibility of the construction company to not just take a worker’s word for it but to actually check training credentials. Once again, our software offers a central place to share and save data. All you have to do is get confirmation once and it can then be kept in a digital file.

Are you ready to find technological solutions to the growing number of serious construction accidents? There are many things you can do and at ECL Software we are proud to be a part of the solution. Contact us at 800-625-5972 or for your free demo.