Fund Control v8: Ready for Prime Time

After 5 years of planning, over 2,000 hours of development, and endless hours of beta testing we’re proud to say that, in our 25th year, we have made history again with this latest release of Fund Control.

Key new features:

  • Web Browser based
  • Visual mapping with weather and environmental condition overlays
  • Draw based lien waiver tracking
  • Full Accounting Reconciliation
  • User definable Notifications
  • A new streamlined user interface
  • User definable Financial validations
  • Plus over 150 other new features

With this new release comes opportunities for pricing that is based on real-time usage, instead of “tiers” and fixed pricing; which could mean major savings for some of our clients.  All the while still supporting in-house and hosted deployments, and fully backward compatible with prior versions.

I personally have never been more excited about one of our products and what our ECL Team has pulled off.

I know you always have choices but want you to know that even after 25 years of doing this, we are more than ever dedicated to the success of our clients.

Joe Patterson, CEO & Chief Software Architect