5 Ways JDIO Makes Construction Collaboration Easier Than Every Before

5 Ways JDIO Makes Construction Collaboration Easier Than Every Before

We have many years of experience creating construction collaboration software that can change the way your company does business. Keep reading to learn more about our products and the five ways our software can help make collaboration easier than it ever has been. Then contact ECL Software at 800-625-5972 if you are ready for your free demo.

1. We Have Built a System That Maximizes Integrations

We know that no matter how exceptionally we build our products, you will still be using other systems. We do not fight that – we integrate with them. This is why we seek out other benefits that our clients could benefit from and then build to work with them. This allows us to ensure that you have as many options and services as is possible.

2. We Provide Comprehensive Budget Overview Options

When you choose JDIO, you have easy access to budget overviews. You can look at the overall financial details of the and position of a project at any type. You will always know where each project stands – both in a broad overview way and when it comes down to the details of each check that has been issued and death with. You can see the overall balance, the financial standing of each funding source, and the full cost and budget report. It is truly a comprehensive option.

3. Inspection Recording Services

You need to know where the progress of a construction project is at all times. Getting this information to the essential stakeholders can mean the difference between a project that finishes on time and one that does not. You can view, record, and monitor inspections from JDIO. Inspectors can update JDIO directly with photos, documents, pictures, and notes, so you do not waste a second waiting to get the information you need.

4. You Can Easily Collect, Distribute, and Print Documents and Reports

Gone are the days of trying to figure out where your essential documents, or trying to find the right filing methods for reports. We make it easy for you to store this essential data. If you need to distribute it to others, you can do that too. While more and more offices are going paperless, we also know that you may need to print reports from time to time. We make that easy too.

5. You Have Incredible Customization Options

While we have strived to build an incredible product for our clients, we also know that every client has their own individual needs. When you choose our products, you have the ability to customize it in literally hundreds of ways. To learn a few of them, contact ECL Software at 800-625-5972 and request a free demo.