Learn How ECL Software Can Help with Stringent Regulations Placed on Financial Institutions

Learn How ECL Software Can Help with Stringent Regulations Placed on Financial Institutions

For some, the 2008 financial crisis occurred well before they get involved in the fund control business. For others, it seems like yesterday. For everyone in this industry, the results are still felt today in tougher regulations and red tape. While the reason behind these regulations might have been good, it can often feel impossible to follow all the changes and amendments. That is where ECL Software can come in.

There is No Cookie Cutter Answer

One of the reasons that financial institutions find it hard to ensure that they are 100% in compliance with regulations at every turn is because there is no cookie cutter program that can help them. Think about payroll – any company that has more than a few employees involves tracking salaries, taxes, withholdings, etc. This is a huge undertaking and even the smallest of mistakes can be very expensive.

The good news is that a cookie cutter answer is not the only answer. Instead, Fund Control offers easy ways for you to customize our software. You get all the personalization you want but without the cost of hiring a company to make software specific to your needs.

Our Software Includes Many Unique Features

We offer different modules so that you can ensure your company is running smoothly and aboveboard at all times. For example, some of the features our clients are most excited about include:

  • Contacts: We make it easy to manage all client relations by storing lists of both your clients and your subcontractors
  • Management/administration/accounting: Our programs can seamlessly integrate to help manage the core of your business and give immediate access to information that is critical
  • Logs: Track submittals, change requests, general letters, lists, minutes – you name it
  • Cost and proposal writing: You can track several versions of an estimate as the project develops

These are just a few of the features that have made our software beloved in this industry.

You Can Set Up Truly In-Depth Features

If you want to set up a system that can cover your budgets, loans, and all other financial transactions, then you can find that option within our software. In fact, our software can cover any internal processes that keep your company moving forward. Our software makes it easier for you to comply with regulations and allows you to customize to your needs.

The next step is to contact ECL Software at 800-625-5972 for a free demo. We are happy to answer questions, help you understand the unique ways our software can help you, and much more. Call now and let us get started!