Discover How ECL Software Can Help Improve Your Risk Mitigation Stats

Discover How ECL Software Can Help Improve Your Risk Mitigation Stats

Fund Control is a unique risk mitigation software from ECL Software. In fact, it has won awards due to the many helpful features it has. There are many benefits to this software and many ways it can work for you. It’s currently being used by mortgage companies, disbursement control companies, lenders, and banks. Call us now at 800-625-5972 to request a free demo.

We Can Help You Stay Organized

The software gives you a friendly user interface that you can keep all of your contacts on. Communicate, write memos and notes, and keep all of your reliable contacts in one place. Don’t ever go fishing around for that contractor’s number or the bank’s address ever again; Fund Control keeps it all organized for you.

We Make it Easy to Manage Loans

See every aspect of your loan, from the dates on it to the locations involved. Fund Control lets you track notes, create legal notices, vouchers, and notification letters, and much more. At the same time, you can even administer specialty loans yourself. The software is set up for all roles in the industry, so it fits no matter which side of the table you’re on.

Maintain Your Budget with the Help of Our Software

Stop going over budget and start maintaining the original budget you set up by keeping a close eye on the budget through the software. You can create budgets for certain parts of the overall project, create spreadsheets and templates, and keep track of every dollar spent while you’re working on a building.

Request Inspections Through Our Product

Fund Control has the functions available to have you request necessary building inspections when the time comes. It also records these inspections, capturing documents and photos to ensure everything stays compliant with the rules and regulations in place.

Get the Detailed Reports You Need

You can get comprehensive reports of everything from cash flows to risk assessments using Fund Control. Check the percentages of each type of loan, access predefined reports, and have access to so much more information than you ever thought would readily be available for your eyes. This makes the whole process of managing a construction job that much easier.

Customize Settings to Your Exact Needs

Finally, we understand that everyone is different. Every company or manager is going to have a certain way they want the software to work for them. We make that wholly possible by providing around 800 different settings that can be turned on, off, and adjusted appropriately for whatever purpose. The customizable settings for Fund Control are unmatched by alternative risk mitigation software. Call ECL Software at 800-625-5972 to request a free demo.

You can get a personalized free online demo if you’d like to try out Fund Control. Contact us today to get the help you need. Mitigate risks, maintain order, increase efficiency, and become a well-oiled machine in the construction industry thanks to this award-winning risk mitigation software