You Could Be Missing the Most Important Construction Tool without Even Knowing It

The construction business has always been a fragmented one. Project managers, engineers, architects, suppliers, and everyone else in a complicated supply chain strive to follow executives. Every project site, however, is unique, and each subcontractor operates in a unique manner. As a result, it’s traditionally been virtually hard to keep track of everyone who requires tasks allocated to them, as well as their progress as the project progresses.

With the introduction of collaborative software like JDIO, all of that changed. Construction businesses are no longer forced to cope with the sluggish flow of critical information, time wasted with needlessly complicated workflows, and the waste, lost income, and danger of lawsuit that these difficulties may bring. Read on to find out why JDIO could be the most critical tool on your job site, and then call us at 800-625-5972 to see how we can assist.

Collaboration has several advantages

The majority of construction industry experts understand why collaboration is vital, but not all of them are aware of all of the advantages. While explaining all of the reasons why it makes sense would take years, we can go through some of the more important ones.

To begin, keep in mind that construction is a highly segmented sector. Workflow is nearly usually sequential, with one department waiting for the next to start and communication occurring only when it’s time to transfer the buck to the next. Different teams might be better prepared for the start of their job when there is more collaboration. From the beginning, each department may be in sync with the others.

Second, cooperation contributes to the development of more creative methods. Field teams may connect directly with each other and engineers to discover the best solution to onsite issues. The accountant can also participate in the discussion and assign the required resources. Is it possible that none of this would have happened if collaborative software hadn’t been used? It’s possible, but it’ll take days or even weeks, not minutes.

Collaboration may help a construction firm shorten the time it takes to finish a project, increase their ability to take on new contracts, and expand their operations as needed.

Finally, consider how critical it is for employees in different sections of a construction company to be able to communicate with one another quickly. When you utilize collaboration software, you may interact directly with a certain function – not the person in that role – whether it’s an external party, a vendor, or an internal employee. This implies that if there is a turnover, the new employee will be able to easily transition into the position they are starting.

Discover your own JDIO advantages

There’s little doubt that JDIO can help you and the firms you work with communicate more efficiently, regardless of the size or kind of construction company you work with. Call ECL Software at 800-625-5972 right away to discover more about your choices.