Essential Tips to Follow to Be Ready for Delay Claims

Essential Tips to Follow to Be Ready for Delay Claims

Contractors in the construction sector would do anything to be able to complete every project on schedule. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. When you are behind on a job site, you may be subject to dreaded delay claims. It’s customary for contractors to wait until one has been filed before consulting with their legal team, but we urge that you take these six actions whenever you’re behind to prepare for a delay claim.

Continue reading to learn more about the six suggestions, but keep in mind that the best method to minimize delay claims is to eliminate delays in the first place. We provide a variety of software products at ECL Software that make it simple for everyone involved in your project to connect with one another, as well as fund control software that decreases the chances that you’ll run into an unforeseen financial snag along the road.

If there is a delay, update your plans as soon as possible

You’ve devised a construction strategy. If you have a big delay, don’t just take up where you left off when you return. Create a new plan that is reasonable in light of the delays. This will ensure that you don’t waste any more time by failing to anticipate how the revised timeline will affect other elements of the project.

Determine what’s most important

Delay claims are only applicable in the event of a critical delay. If you have a delay but don’t believe it’s significant, gather the information you’ll need to defend the delay if a claim is filed against it right away.

Consider the concept of time delays

Don’t assume that delays have nothing to do with each other. Consider them in chronological order and pay attention to the common denominators. ECL Software‘s products make it simple to keep everyone involved in the project up to speed on all aspects of it.

Change the completion dates as needed

Don’t wait until the last minute to notify those who need to know about the delay. The major concern that people have with delays is that they are often shocked by them. If you’re behind schedule, you’ll have to notify all parties involved at some point – and in most circumstances, the sooner you do so, the better.

Make sure you have up-to-date as-built information

You should keep track of your delays, but you should also keep track of what you’ve constructed. Once again, ECL Software‘s software makes collecting as-built data a breeze.

Causation is crucial

If you want to pursue a delay claim, you’ll need to establish whether each delay was non-excusable, excusable and compensable, or excusable but non-compensable. If you change this information after the construction is finished, judges may be doubtful, so keep accurate records as things happen.

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