How to Keep All Your Construction Contacts Organized with ECL Software’s CMIS

How to Keep All Your Construction Contacts Organized with ECL Software’s CMIS

In the world of construction, there are numerous people, companies, and departments that you must keep in contact with. Whether that’s leads, clients, suppliers, subcontractors, or government employees, you need a system that keeps track of their contacts. Otherwise, it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to dig through notes trying to find information you wrote down in the past.

Our Construction Management Information System (CMIS) lets you manage all your contacts in one convenient location. Never scramble for old notes again, call 800-625-5972 to discover all the ways ECL Software can help you organize your construction business. You can also request a free demo to experience it yourself! Read on to learn about more ways CMIS can assist you.

Save time and money

With our software, you can save time and money with supplier payment options and discounts. Our construction management information system works for you by ensuring relations with your client will improve by making communication as easy as a tap of the button. Having everything you need in one spot, you can maintain subcontractor insurance and licensing requirements with ease saving valuable time. 

Other services our CMIS package provides

Utilizing our CMIS services not only streamlines all your contact information, many more benefits are included to make your construction business as efficient as possible. Other services provided are:

  • Logs – Easily keep track of your submittals, RFI’s, Change Order Requests, Meeting Minutes, Punch Lists, and general letters in one spot.
  • Projects – Shows, tracks, and monitors all aspects of a project. From the bidding process to warranty issues, if it’s needed, CMIS tracks it. 
  • Estimating – Create proposals and cost estimates the way you and your client want to see them.
  • MAA (Management, Administrative, Accounting) – Produce and track all Prime Contracts and Subcontracts and their changes. Produce summary and detail cost reports and track and manage all projected costs to completes.
  • Payroll – The most comprehensive payroll service that intimately knows everything about your projects.

Contact ECL Software today

Unlock your company’s true potential with ECL Software’s revolutionary construction management information system and see efficiency rise. Call us at 800-625-5972 to speak to one of our experts, or request a free demo to see first-hand how we can help. Don’t wait, reach out today.