4 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Software Improves Operations at Your Construction Company

4 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Software Improves Operations at Your Construction Company

Predictability is what every construction site strives to achieve. Making sure everything operates smoothly without a hitch, all the workers are doing their assigned task, material orders are accurate and on time, and the work is being completed on schedule are all things any contractor dreams of. Rightly so.

If any one of those things goes wrong, it can potentially set back an entire day (or more) by trying to rectify the issue resulting in unanticipated costs and wasted time. If you are a construction company, now is your chance to take advantage of cloud-based construction software.

At ECL Software, we specialize in delivering practical, scalable solutions to help construction lenders and contractors meet and exceed objectives. Call us today to speak with one of our experts at 800-625-5972. You can even request a free demo to try it out for yourself.

To discover how our services will streamline the construction business, continue reading below.

  1. Lessens Common Errors
  2. Keep all estimations, material orders, contact information, logs, projects, and much more all the same for everyone logged into your account. Having all information in the same place that any employee can access will reduce errors and save time/money. Most mistakes on the jobsite come from hearing something wrong, or misremembering, but with our services, if it has been properly inputted into the system everyone can easily double check.
  3. Accurate, Easy to Use Forms
  4. All the information you need to fill out is all digitally right in front of you. From estimating to payroll, from logs to contacts, you no longer need to shuffle through paperwork to find the correct form or piece of information. Also, sharing those forms can happen instantly with the cloud.
  5. Encourages Predictability
  6. Having everyone be accurately on the same page encourages reliable data entry into the software. This encourages predictability by lessening the likelihood something will be planned or ordered wrong since the software will share that information with the entire company. For example, if an apprentice or journeyman is in charge of placing a material order, the foreman can review that order through the software to double-check accuracy.
  7. Hit Deadlines on Time
  8. In order for a construction project to continue moving forward, deadlines need to be hit. If there is a sudden change in plans, all parties involved need to be informed. For example, if the welding crew you were expecting to arrive on sight to weld some pipes suddenly cancel, that will potentially interfere with your deadlines. With this software, you can instantly inform everyone of the changes and seamlessly adjust accordingly.

Upgrade Your Construction Company

The way of the future is now. ECL Software’s intuitive construction management software will take your company to the modern technological world. Give us a call at 800-625-5972 to speak with one of our experts that will gladly discuss how we can assist your needs. Witness it with your own eyes, request a free demo to try it out for yourself.