Accounting Management – How Your Construction Company Can Improve

Accounting Management – How Your Construction Company Can Improve

Keeping track of all things involving financials at your construction company is just as important as successfully completing projects. With all the moving parts happening on and off the jobsite, you need a system that seamlessly manages the flow of money. Our Construction Management Information System (CMIS) gives you an easy-to-use software that is conveniently located in one spot.

Never worry about how you’re going to keep track of your financials again. Contact us today at 800-625-5972 to speak to one our professionals. You can also request a free demo to experience it yourself. Don’t hesitate. It’s time to make your business as efficient as possible.

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Our Management, Administration, and Accounting Tool (MAA)

MAA is the financial heart of CMIS. This tool truly integrates the whole project management and accounting functions all together in one place. It allows you to produce and track all Prime Contracts and Subcontracts as well as any changes made to them.

It can produce summary and detailed cost reports while tracking and managing all projected costs to completes. With the seamless integration, you’ll never overpay a supplier or get underpaid by a client again. Real-time entries allow for instant access to all critical information. Full work-in-process reporting lets you see the true picture of how well you’re doing.

Other benefits from our CMIS package

  • Logs – Easily keep track of your submittals, RFI’s, Change Order Requests, Meeting Minutes, Punch Lists, and general letters in one spot.
  • Contacts – Keep your leads, clients, suppliers, and subcontractors organized in one place
  • Estimating – Create proposals and cost estimates the way you and your client want to see them.
  • Project Management – Shows, tracks, and monitors all aspects of a project. From the bidding process to warranty issues, if it’s needed CMIS tracks it. With the ability to track almost 1,000 data points you will always know where your job stands. 
  • Payroll – The most comprehensive payroll service that intimately knows everything about your projects.

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Utilize our CMIS package to make your construction business as efficient as possible. Contact us today at 800-625-5972 to discover all the ways we can help improve your financial tracking. You can also request a free demo to experience it yourself.