Construction Logs Simplified – Learn How Construction Software Can Help

Construction Logs Simplified – Learn How Construction Software Can Help

With how fast everything moves on the job site, it is critical to keep track of everything that happens. This often proves to be challenging because there are so many moving pieces of the communication process.

This information can be logged in a word document, excel sheet, email, text, or sometimes even communicated verbally over the phone. The tediousness of it all can quickly make logging an inconvenience, and that’s when mistakes happen.

With ECL Software’s revolutionary CMIS (Construction Management Information System), that inconvenience is stripped away. We will install our easy-to-set-up software on all the devices you desire so any construction log needed to be documented can be uploaded on the spot. Plus, it is cost-effective as it is 100% paperless.

Reach out to ECL Software at 800-625-5972 to discover how handy our construction management information system can be to you. You can also try our free demo to experience it for yourself! With our Just Do It Once philosophy, you can streamline your information system today. Learn more about how CMIS can improve your construction logs below.

Seamlessly Track Construction Logs

There are many types of information that need to be kept track of on a job site which can be overwhelming. Empower your crew by giving them a software system that makes logging a breeze. Here are the different types of logs that you can do all in one easy-to-use place:

  1. Submittals
  2. RFI’s (Request for information)
  3. Change Order Requests
  4. Meeting Minutes
  5. Punch Lists
  6. General Letters

CMIS is the Full Package

Construction logging is just one aspect of the CMIS package. You can also keep track of all your contacts, monitor all aspects of a project, create estimates, keep track of financials with MAA (management, administrative, and accounting), and keep track of payroll. All of these can have a custom setup that works best for you.

Give Your Workers the Tools They Need

ECL Software’s construction management information system will streamline your company and make the job easier for your employees. Call 800-625-5972 today to see how we can help. You can also request a free demo to see our software in action.