Which Local Markets Are Poised for Growth?

Freddie Mac’s Multi-Indicator Market Index shows improvement in over half of states

Poised For GrowthThe latest edition of the Freddie Mac Multi-Indicator Market Index(MiMi)describes a housing market that is in continued recovery, though growth is occurring at a slightly slower rate compared to last month. The big picture looks promising with over half of the states in the union, as well as over half of America’s top 50 metro areas, showing continued improvement. In addition, 11 states (plus DC) and four metro areas are now considered stable markets. This time last year, we only had seven stable states and zero stable metro areas.

The Freddie Mac Multi-Indicator Market Index is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Home purchase applications
  • Home purchasing power (based on housing prices, mortgage rates, and income)
  • Rate of on time mortgage payments
  • Local unemployment rates

The ideal goal for a market is to achieve a stable MiMi rating, as this reflects a market that is neither too weak to generate sufficient demand or too overactive to be sustainable.

Looking at MiMi can help lenders make decisions as to which local markets look ripe with opportunity. For example, this latest edition of Mimi points out the following areas:

  • Top five stable states: North Dakota, Wyoming, DC, Alaska, and Louisiana
  • Top 4 stable metro areas: San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, and Austin
  • Top 5 most improving states: South Carolina, Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Nevada
  • Top 5 most improving metro areas: Charlotte, Columbus, Nashville, New Orleans, and Las Vegas

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