Unique Software Is Now Available to Help Your Company Meet the More Stringent Regulations

Stringent RegulationsSince the demise of some large market players in the financial world, new software has been developed to help your company meet the demands of the more stringent regulations that have been placed on financial institutions. Coping with the new LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) regulations can be confusing and time-consuming. LEI regulations have come about because of the 2008 financial crisis. The Lehman Brothers collapse quickly showed that other market participants could not trace how much of an exposure they had to Lehman. The LEI is meant to be a global entity with regulations to try and stop this type of disaster and confusion in the future. Specialized software can help your company comply with the many rules and regulations that now must be followed.

With Financial Software, Is There a “One Size Fits All”?

That would be nice, but impossible. Payroll is one example. With a company that has a large number of employees, just keeping track of salaries and the necessary taxes and withholdings is a large undertaking. Mistakes can be expensive; and with software that can be customized around your particular needs, time-consuming and costly errors can be minimized, if not deleted.

Many Features Are Available

Different modules are available to help you keep things running smoothly and above board within the company. Some of these features include:

  • Contacts – manage client relations by storing lists of your clients and subcontractors.
  • Projects – monitor and track all projects from bidding through completion.
  • Logs – track submittals, change requests, minutes, and general letters and lists.
  • Management, accounting, and administration – manages the core of your business for seamless integration and provides immediate access to critical information.
  • Cost and proposal writing – provides ability to track multiple versions of an estimate as projects develop.

More In-Depth Specialized Features Can Also Be Set Up

If you are interested in setting up a system to cover budgets, loans, and any financial transactions, you will find that the software is available to do your bidding to help you cover any internal processes that will help keep your company in line. It can provide you with the ability to cope more readily with new LEI regulations. With the myriad rules and specifications that need to be covered, it can be a costly trial and error for employees to try to keep everything in line and legal without help. The right software system can make sure that they all stay on the right track.

If you want a company that will work for you to provide a software package design specialized for your particular business, then you will want to contact the highly qualified and professional technicians at ECL Software. They can help you stay competitive and follow all legal technicalities while coping with new LEI regulations.