Construction Job Market Ended 2014 on the Upswing

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Construction Job Market Ended 2014 on the UpswingOn January 9, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report showing that the construction sector gained 48,000 jobs in December. That’s nearly 20 percent of the total jobs growth in the US for that same month. It marks the end of the best year in construction job growth since 2005.

The jobless rate in the construction sector was 8.3 percent in December, an improvement over the 11.4 percent rate we had a year ago. However, the figure did show a slight decline over November’s rate of 7.5 percent as many markets saw work slow with the onset of winter. The overall jobless rate for the construction industry over the entire year was encouraging—at 8.9 percent it was at its lowest annual level since 2007. The job growth responsible for these improving unemployment figures was split between specialty trade contracting, engineering, and buildings construction.

Experts say that this growth is expected to continue through 2015 to keep up with an overall expansion in the industry.

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