Why Your Company Needs ECL’s Fund Control Banking Software

Why Your Company Needs ECL’s Fund Control Banking Software There’s no question that managing construction loans takes a lot of time and work. The good news is that ECL Software is here to make the process efficient, to increase your company’s productivity, and to reduce risks. When you use our award winning fund control banking software, you’ll appreciate a number of key advantages.

Choose the software the big guys use

It’s great to try out an up-and-coming company with smaller needs but do you want to trust your fund control banking software to a company that has not yet proven itself? When you work with ECL Software, you’re working with a company that provides a solution used by everybody: banks, private lenders, mortgage companies, disbursement control companies, and more!

Don’t spend weeks learning how to use your new software

One of the key factors we took into consideration when designing this software was user-friendliness. We know that you could have the best solution on the market, but if you – and your entire company – couldn’t quickly learn how to use it, then it wouldn’t be put to regular use. That’s why our software is easy to use, easy to set up, and can be totally customized for your needs.

Use one software for all your needs

Some fund control banking software is optimized to small renovation loans while others are targeted toward construction companies that handle multi-billion dollar projects. Ours is optimized for both. Why? Because even if you’re not doing multi-billion dollar projects today, you’re likely hoping to head that way – and even those who do huge projects generally will have a small renovation on the books from time to time.

All your needs are met with a single product

You have a lot of needs in your fund control banking software. You likely want to control disbursements, you want to manage any changes, you need to have documents incorporated, and you need a place to easily store and review inspections. We make it simple by providing all these solutions with a single software.

Your risks are mitigated during the entire construction process

At ECL Software, we know it’s important to work with you from the first moment you open a construction file until the day the project is complete and everything’s been paid off. That’s why our software works with you the entire time. Your risk will be mitigated from day one to day 4,000.

Are you ready to get started? Contact ECL Software today by calling 800-625-5972. Do you work in a specialized field and are simply not sure that what we offer will work for you? Then feel free to ask about our custom software options. We are always happy to tweak our products or created an entirely new one to exactly fit your needs. Reach out to us today and finally find the solution you’ve been searching for.