4 Steps Construction Companies Can Take to Be Proactive to Avoid Losses

4 Steps Construction Companies Can Take to Be Proactive to Avoid Losses No matter what role you play within a construction company, whether you’re an owner, a contractor, or in the marketing department, there are steps that can be taken to prevent losses. At ECL Software, we offer a number of software solutions but today we’re here to expand the field and share some additional ideas.

  1. Prepare a CPM schedule with costs and resources loaded

  2. In order to get the work done on time, on budget, and without loss, you must first have a series of plans in place. You need a manpower plan, a timeline, and an intended work flow. The best way is to incorporate all of these into a schedule that’s cost-loaded and resource-loaded.

    This can help for two reasons. First, it’ll be an easy way to measure any impacts to your cost or schedule, and second, it’s a great project management tool. Any construction company that doesn’t think and plan out their manpower, duration, and expected workflow is at a pretty specific risk of being delayed or blasting past the budget.

  3. Continue tracking every day

  4. Many construction companies will create schedules before they get started but get lost in the business once the project gets started. Of course, manpower is likely still tracked for accounting and / or payroll purposes, but it’s not generally done in a way that helps you understand productivity. It needs to be studied on a much smaller level – on the task level – or at the very least in each area of the project.

    The data needs to be captured on a daily basis to ensure that everything that’s being done in a project is tracked. For example, if a contractor worked on the flooring, you’d need to know how long they worked on the flooring and who many people worked with them. This is all important information that allows you to control both the schedule and the cost, which helps reduce the chances of loss.

  5. Use the best tools available to you

  6. Most anyone who uses tools will agree that it’s important to use not just the right tool for the job but the best quality tool for the job. You likely think you have this covered, but are you thinking outside the box? For example, ECL Software offers fund control software that can help you stay on budget but you likely don’t think of that as a tool. Just because it doesn’t fit within a toolbox doesn’t mean it’s not a tool!

  7. Communicate with everyone

  8. Some of the biggest issues come from different departments not communicating with one another, or with people not knowing how to access the information they need. Once again, ECL Software is here to the rescue. With JDIO, everyone can easily access exactly what they need to and management can easily assign access to those that need it.

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