Is Your Construction Company Benefitting from the Top Fund Control Features?

Is Your Construction Company Benefitting from the Top Fund Control Features?

If your construction company deals with construction loans then you know how important it is to be as efficient as possible. In the past, there are many issues that could arise and it was often hard to keep everyone in the loop. Today there are answers, thanks to innovations like fund control software. Read on to learn more about how its features can help your company and then reach out to ECL Software at 800-625-5972.

Managing construction loans doesn’t have to be labor intensive or time consuming

If you think of managing construction loans and assume that using up a lot of available labor, and spending hours on this task are both acceptable – or necessary – then we have good news for you. We have created a software platform that allows you to manage construction loans with better productivity. What’s more, it’s more efficient and it even reduces your risk.

You can trust our award-winning solution

When you work with ECL Software, you’re not just working with a software company. You’re working with a company that’s been specializing in risk mitigation solutions for the construction industry since 1992. Our approach is simple: Just Do It Once. We’ve won awards for both our contracting and banking solutions, and have a reputation for providing software that works, is easy to use, and is totally flexible.

Our founder has more than 35 years of experience in the construction field and in software. He uses that experience to push the envelope and create solutions you actually need. The easiest way to find out more is to reach out to us at 800-625-5972.

Many entities use our products

Our products are used by everyone in the industry. This includes banks, private lenders, disbursement control companies, and mortgage companies. We wanted to create a single platform where everyone could communicate and find the information they needed. We have worked to reduce redundancy for everyone involved.

Your options are totally customizable

One of the best things about our fund control software is that it’s very adaptable. You’ll find it easy to set up and to then personalize for your individual needs. It can handle everything from multi-million dollar projects to small renovation loans. It tracks all changes, every document, each inspection, and it controls disbursements. It’s truly a program that works for everyone.

The goal of this program is simple: Reducing risk

We know that construction companies have a lot of priorities but at the top of their list is mitigating risk. This doesn’t just apply to the active construction process, but from start to finish. We’ve used our experience in the industry to finetune software that meets the unique needs of the construction industry.

If you’re ready to move on and find solutions to your fund control issues, then you’re ready to work with ECL Software. We are confident you’ll appreciate our software and look forward to working with you.