6 Reasons Construction Delays Aren’t a Thing of the Past

6 Reasons Construction Delays Aren’t a Thing of the PastWith the current technology available and years of studies to show us the best ways to proceed with a construction project, it seems as though delays would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, they’re not. Many job site managers assume that it’s simply the way construction is but the truth is that most delays can be avoided. Read on to learn why these delays are still allowed. Then reach out to ECL Software to find out what you can do.

  1. Many individuals involved in a construction project are tasked with many roles
  2. The management side of a construction project is often resourced constrained, which leads individuals with too many hats to wear. You’ll have project managers, non-working foreman, and superintendents all trying to deal with construction management issues, while they’re also trying to address real-time issues as they arise.

    This makes it hard for anyone to have the time to sit down and look at performance, make adjustments, updated the schedule, and make sure that everything they need is coming down the pipeline. There are many options, including fund control software, that can help mitigate, avoid, overcome, and handle both delays and budget overruns – but it requires ensuring someone has the time to stay on top of it.

  3. Project management is often separated from the scheduling process
  4. In many cases, the people with the experience in construction, and who are responsible for actually managing the schedule, aren’t involved in the scheduling process. Too often, external or internal schedulers don’t fully understand the ins and outs required for creating a resource plan and construction plan.

  5. Monthly schedule updates aren’t effective
  6. IF you wait a month to know the status of the job, then you’re simply waiting too long. So many things can happen each day. The construction site is a changing place and the schedule process needs to reflect that.

  7. Project management often doesn’t have access to scheduling software
  8. Instead of sending project managers a huge PDF or a huge stack of papers, use a software from ECL Software that allows them to view it as easily as others involved.

  9. Schedules care becoming too complicated
  10. Some schedules have as many as 20,000 activities that are spread out over 20 different schedules. Who can keep up on that? The right software can help prevent this, as can giving each project manager access to their own scheduling tools.

  11. Daily reports aren’t utilized
  12. The sooner a construction issue can be dealt with the better. In fact, why not look for issues before they actually begin? If you complete a daily report and it’s assess on a daily basis, it’s possible to see issues coming down the pipeline. When they can be addressed ahead of time, they don’t have to cause delays.

ECL Software is committed to helping our clients prevent construction delays and deal with them if they come up. With innovative options that allow your entire team to keep in touch seamlessly, there are more than six reasons to choose our products.