Are You Hiring a Construction Manager? Make Sure They Have These 4 Assets

Are You Hiring a Construction Manager? Make Sure They Have These 4 Assets

With upswings in much of the construction world, we’re seeing the demand for skilled construction managers go through the roof. According to one study, this is only going to continue. They found that the need for construction managers is going to increase by 16% between now and 2022 – that’s well above the average rate of national job growth.

There’s no question that construction project managers are essential. In fact, the success of any project depends largely on the quality of the project manager. Following are four assets that we think all construction manager should have. Learn more about them and then visit ECL Software to learn more about our leading innovations in the world of fund control management.

  1. They must know everything about their trade
  2. It’s true that a construction manager will delegate much of what needs to be done. That said, they should know the ins and outs of every job, even if it’s not a job they’ll be doing themselves. They need to understand not just the construction process but safety codes, contract completing, permits, etc. If they have some type of advanced degree in any industry that’s related to construction, such as building science or civil engineering, that’s great but it’s not enough – they also need well-rounded knowledge and experience.

  3. They’re smart about organization
  4. It would be great if every construction manager was excellent at organization. The truth is that there are plenty of great managers who aren’t. However, if they’re not naturally a good organizer or communicator then they need to know this isn’t a strength and find a way to work around it. For example, using construction software like JDIO allows the manager to stay organized and in touch with all members of their team.

  5. They must have a high EQ
  6. What is EQ? It’s short for emotional intelligence. A high EQ means that they’re good at understanding their own emotions and the emotions of others. If a person wants to be an effective leader, it’s not enough to have clinical understandings of the projects – they must also know how to lead people. Choose a manager that’s confident, takes initiative and displays empathy if you want a manager who other workers will respect.

Keep your eye on the short- and long-term goals

With more construction jobs than construction managers, too often companies jump at the first option that comes their way. This may make the most sense in the short-term but it won’t be a good tactic in the long run. If you hire someone that’s not a good fit, then eventually they’re going to have to be replaced. This can be more costly and time consuming than simply taking the time and resources to find the right fit in the first place.

At ECL Software, we can’t come interview candidates for your project but we can provide software tools that help make the job seamless. Learn more about our products to find out how they can help your construction project.