Your Real Competition in the Construction World is Innovation

Your Real Competition in the Construction World is Innovation

When looking at the construction industry as a whole, it’s shortsighted to think only of what’s happening in the United States. For a better idea of how we’re performing as a country within the world market, we’ve looked at some stats from Finland and found something surprising: Our biggest competition is innovation.

Finland’s construction industry is thriving – but why?

We’ve looked at how much Finland’s construction industry has been thriving and there seem to be several reasons. First of all, they take part in organized innovation as an industry. They have led the pack in tools and information management, which has evolved greatly over the last few decades. They have increased their business processes and ensured that they’re on top of all the ways in which they can save money and provide better topics with less investment. The only innovation they still haven’t topped is our fund control management.

Innovation is decision a company must make

Innovation isn’t something that just happens on its own and outsourcing innovation isn’t the answer. Instead, you should look at ways in which your construction company has fallen behind and what you can do to get back in the race. For example, if communication is an issue for your team, then JDIO may be the answer for you. It’s an innovative option that allows you to instantly, easily, and accurately contact all members of your team, or just target members.

Construction is local but your reputation is global

It wasn’t long ago that the reputation of your construction company didn’t go any further than the country or state line. Those days are over. Today, reviews of your company can be posted all over the world. Your company’s reputation can go much further and have a much larger impact. Keeping this in mind, you can see why it’s so important that your company is competing not just with other companies but with innovation itself.

The future is all about communication

In this world of instant access to information, consumers want constant communication. They want a way to see the status of their project and a way to offer feedback. One of the easiest ways to offer this is to clue them in to your online interface. Does this mean you have to give them access to everything about their project? No – when you use products from ECL Software you’re able to add permissions based on a person’s title.

For example, you can give a foreman access to every conversation about a project, but give accounting access to only what they need. This is just one of the ways in which our products are innovative and forward-thinking. If you want a way to help communicate better within your company, your contractors, and your clients, then you want to learn more about the products and software available from ECL Software. Call us at 800-625-5972 to begin the process.